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Casual Open Event [Jan 20, 2019] GT86 GRMN RACE SERIES (sceng77744)

Discussion in 'Casual Race Events/Racing/Testing' started by carlos77744, Nov 29, 2018.

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Signups: 3
Posted By : carlos77744
Start: Jan 20, 2019 08:00 PM
End: Jan 20, 2019 10:00 PM
Time Zone: Europe/London +00:00 GMT
The following Races have signed up "Yes": 3
  1. Zebaldus

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Get well soon man...
  2. carlos77744

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    No problem Bruce get well soon
  3. cokebloke

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Sorry to hear that Bruce serious stuff...get well soon at least you should be over it by Christmas.
  4. cokebloke

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Big thanks to Carl for once again putting together a great race event.

    Had some great battles throughout the evening but race two Jason and I had a great battle for many a lap right to the very end well done Jason we crossed that line so close, was pleased to you win race three as well.

    As for Steve just don't know how you do it your so consistently quick well done mate and well done to the podium winners.

    Really enjoyed it look forward to the next one thanks everyone for a great nights racing and a good laugh.
    Robabt111 and Motorhead_51 like this.
  5. Motorhead_51

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    First off, a giant apology to meridian for the rough foreplay in turn one of race two......

    There is no excuse for driving you this way and I hope you can understand that that is not typical of my driving habits. But be it as it was, it was naughty and admin may take a look here:

    Other than that it was a delight to get on with you gents for a weekend. I miss you all so much and hope to make at least two consecutive weeks in a row????

    I have been away for sometime. Amazed at the pace you fellas set. Kudos to you all!

    Edit: thank you Carl and thanks much for having me guys! Get well Bruce
    #45 Motorhead_51, Dec 16, 2018
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2018
    Robabt111 and cokebloke like this.
  6. Motorhead_51

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Race 3
    cokebloke likes this.
  7. Fido996

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Talk about making it hard for myself!

    Qualified on pole, stuffed the start and spun out at the end of the first lap! Didn’t even think this car could spin out.

    Rejoined 16 seconds down on first and just tried to keep it clean for the rest of the race, hoping to pick up the odd place along the way. Was so chuffed to get up to 3rd by the end of the race. Just. By 0.016 I think. Sorry Elias!

    Race 2 was a bit better, but still too many small mistakes made. Take nothing away from Elias though, great drive under pressure. I pushed as hard as I could to get by and try to make the break, but he hung on in there capitalising on any mistakes I made. Top drive.

    Race 3 was a bit hazy. Can’t really remember much apart from the chase down I tried on Jason. I settled for second with a couple of laps to go, but he then made a couple of small mistakes. This spurred me on to try for that top spot. I could see he was getting a little more ragged the closer we got to the end ( squeaky butt time! ) but he kept it together to take a great win.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the racing, and was it 3 different winners? Also, great to see Kevin back on track. Won’t be long before we see him at the sharp end once again.

    Thanks to Carl and Nigel for organising and hosting.

    Brilliant stuff!
    Robabt111, Motorhead_51 and cokebloke like this.
  8. RacingRoman23R

    ALV Club Admin Club ALV

    Roman's Rapid Recap!

    There was no hitting someone on race 1 turn 1 from cold tires as I payed attention. May have stumbled across the line from a hangover (and a nap right before). So pretending to be Kimi Raikonnen let's look at the recap

    R1 - Steve spun so this was my change to make up ground. Had a good battle with Jason until he made a mistake then it was on to chasing Carlos. The gap never changed and then with 3 to go my concentration went and I took too much inner curb on T5, hit the wall and spun. Then I had Steve up my trumpet and a good battle but in the end he just eeked me out for the last podium.........you wanq! :p

    R2 - I forgot how I assumed the lead but I assumed the lead. Then Steve decided he wanted seconds and I told him to piss off. Great hard battle and I almost threw it away as on the straight coming to the checkers I meant to look behind me but instead hit the ebrake........but I won so that's that.

    R3 - Steve wore me out from race 2 so much I was on fumes at this point in my current condition. Nigel also found some great pace and was hard to pass. Eventually my concentration decided to have better things to do and I must have crashed and spun a dozen or so times and came home 5th.

    Great racing. Wish I was a bit faster but it shows how competitive this series is. One mistake and you're off into the weeds. Enjoy the Holidays and I'll see everyone soon.
    Robabt111, Motorhead_51 and cokebloke like this.
  9. carlos77744

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Evening all another ace nights racing with 10 in the room to start and some very competitive racing looks like every one has gained a bit of pace since last week .
    Some epic battles down the pack this must be online racing at its best a big thanks to kev for joining we miss racing with you.

    A big up to Aldy and Rob who seem to be getting faster every week there is a mid table battle between you 2
    Mark Mardian i feel your pain i have been there
    The points and header have been updated with all the runners and riders currently Steve is running away with it with a second place battle between me Roman and Jason
    there is a mid table battle between all the other runners
    Note i am currently running in a another series within a group on face book on a Wednesday with 16 on the grid and i must say our top 4 runners will be at the front in that racing so our pace bettween us is Hot
    Note your worst weeks points will not count this is to accommodate people who miss one week .
    Have a good Christmas and see you all after the break may the force be with you
    1. [​IMG]
    #49 carlos77744, Dec 17, 2018
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2018
  10. Motorhead_51

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Who new?
    Robabt111 and cokebloke like this.
  11. aldy13

    Club GBRC

    It is nice to eventually be able to write a report normally I'm half a lap behind everyone lol but Race 3 was awesome with me, Rob & Kev having a decent battle for the last 8 or so laps, got a good start but lost out to Rob on the first corner but managed to take back the lead through the esses up the hill but then got over excited and binned at the chicane at the bottom of the hill and ended up one from the back with Steve about 3 secs behind me, within about 2 corners he was past me lol so I just concentrated and got my head down and caught up with Kev and Rob which ended with Kev losing it at the chicane Rob thinking he touched Kev so slowed I ploughed through a cloud of Kev's ghosted car straight into the back of Rob didnt really know whether to slow down or not because for once I wasn't to blame so carried on to the end to finish 6th
    Robabt111, Lunchbox, Fido996 and 2 others like this.
  12. Motorhead_51

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Great close racing between you, @Robabt111, and myself for quite a few laps. I would take that any day! Well done to you for taking the top spot in our little battle!
    Robabt111 and cokebloke like this.
  13. Robabt111

    Club GBRC

    Who knew that this car could produce such racing , never mind xmas i need a break from the pressure and tension its exhausting . the time management adds to it well done Carl .
    Although the first two races where similar in that most of my race was solo midfield the track demanded accuracy and concentration with very little margin for error, as an off would cost a lot of time, so just to maintain any position required some work and by the end of the second race i was ready for a driver change .
    So glad that didnt happen as the third race was such a blast , cheers Andy and Kev , not the first little battle i have had with Kev and as always it was great fun , as for Andy the opportunist in you shone through :D , all good bud it was good fun no worries about the bump i remembered you were behind me after i slowed and not before doh so it was your place to take .
    Great to see a start of 10 lets hope for more double figure grids .
    Three different winners but only four different people on the podium , showing some great consistency at the front .
    Cheers for setting this one up Carl and Nigel for the secure hosting and to everyone that turned up making it such fun .

    Hope everyone has a happy christmas and prosperous new year .

    I just realized i have been here for exactly one year many many thanks to all of you that i have chatted to raced with and or rammed crashed and punted at some time . I thank you for your time and for being .
  14. cokebloke

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Where has that year gone Rob anyways glad you stuck with us for a year fortunately Jim hasn't raced with us much this year so that would have helped:rolleyes:.
    I remember Kevin came on tremendously the first twelve months in the club and you have equally come on as well, you're getting quicker each event so well done mate and keep it up.
  15. carlos77744

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Yes like wise Rob currently the more SLOWER DRIVERS like Nuts and Jim tend not to race with us Nigel tends to Lap them so glad you have stuck with it
  16. numbnuts70

    Club GBRC Senior Member


  17. Robabt111

    Club GBRC

    Am surprised Jim hasnt raced more he showed a lot of interest about the rear of my car , maybe the girls sparked a flame amongst the tinder ? :D
  18. Jimantonic

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    I'll try to make an appearance on the 6th!
    Robabt111 and Motorhead_51 like this.
  19. cokebloke

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Of which month?:p
  20. Fido996

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Are we on for a quick spin tonight?

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