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ALV (Late) Weekly Racer Press

Latest Gran Turismo 6 news about the American Legion of Vroom

  1. RacingRoman23R
    Hear YE Hear Y--:cough cough cough: YE!

    (sorry too much dust to wipe off. Haven't written one in weeks)

    ALV Weekly Racer Press

    There's lots to talk about so lets get started!

    HEADLINES: Our Second Endurance Race is THIS THURSDAY NIGHT!


    Its that time again. Its our second endurance race and we are racing with a crowd favorite. The ALV rally car class! This time we're tackling the tight twisty technical track of Laguna Seca. This one our enduro will have enough 4 wheel drifting to keep you on your toes. There has been some smack talking too between two of the most successful names in rally Lancia and the Subaru. Calvin won the last enduro but the last rally car enduro RacingRoman in the Colin McRae special edged Calvin (and the entire THG team) to victory. Will the 4WD make a difference or will the corkscrew corner ruin someone's race? Will Calvin go 2-2 or will Roman look cooler in victory lane than in the principal's office? Find out this Thursday 7:30PM EST!

    GT6 Update 1.12. Is it worth the hype or did PD screw up again!

    Last week saw one of the biggest updates we have seen in awhile. The 1.12 update brought a lot of changes...both wanted and unwanted! Lets take a look.

    - New track - Circuit De La Sierra


    This massive new track deep in the countryside of Spain is.....fantastic! Quite honestly I was sick of all the nurburgring trolls in GT online lobbies and now they gave me a fix. This "fictional" track has many bumps, jumps, hairpins, and off camber corners that screams togue! The seasonal events were tricky as navigating through the brain-less AI was the hardest part. While GBRC members are tooling around with a name "sierra of man" "sierra leon" I got a great name for it! Sega Sierra (Retro time!) You can expect a casual race night here soon. VERY SOON!

    - Time sectors - You used to have to wait a lap to see how far behind/forward you were but now it has been spit into each sector. Good news here too!

    - 2 new cars. The GT-R Nismo (ok PD NO MORE DATSUNS! Promise?) and the FT-1 Vision (freakishly quick)

    Now for the bad side of the updates

    - Quick match - Now normally it would be a good thing. Its a nice simple "pick-up and play" race. However I had a go and it was full of s**t dirty racers who pretended they were in bumper cars at an amusement park. Although I almost avoided the chaos in the one race I tried. Inevitably near the end I got used as a brake by another driver and spun

    - Changes to steering wheel feedback. This was the biggest issue I had. You used to be able to adjust the feedback by a simple numerical value of 1-10. However now they not only came up with 2 setting the feel is different depending on the wheel you own. The initial install saw many Logitech users (including myself) very crossed because the steering feel went from normal to "so light I can corner at 150mph with one finger!" Quickly PD sorted a hot-fix but as it proved for me yesterday (in my pathethic GT300 performance) its a lot to fiddle around still.

    Chaos at GBRC GT300 Series


    Well the past two weeks see the Gary's running away and it looks like there no end in sight with Daytona coming up. It has proved evening out this car class is about as impossible as the GT3 class in GT6 (Maybe because there is GT3 in both of the names ;) ). This past Sunday was supposed to be a track favoring the Impreza but the Gary's made sure that it wasn't going to happen making it a 1-2-3 finish while Roman....well decided to make friends with the Darth Vader Monkey in the trees of Trial Mountain. The Gary's have won every single race but 1 - a first place in an Impreza scroed by Jamiengem with my tune!

    Video of the Day
    Me skipping the second round of GBRC to do some proper racing ;)

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