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ALV Weekly Racer Press (week of Sept 28th)

Latest ALV news in Gran Turismo 6

  1. RacingRoman23R

    ALV Weekly Racer Press

    The "I can't take any pictures from the races because PD screwed up and the replays keeps freezing the game!" edition.


    Calvin goes 2 for 2 in the ALV Endurance Races. Roman cocks up and spins late.....TWICE!

    The second endurance race was a tough one. On the tight track of Laguna Seca these rally cars were fast but on the razor's edge all race. The front runners were the Irish Pratt duo of Calvin_P93 and GT1372 in their rusty Lancia rubbish! They qualified 1-2. Not far behind by only a tenth of a second was RacingRoman in his Colin McRae special (99 Subaru Impreza Rally Car) and XFEL member was also in a (03') Subaru in 4th followed by Motorhead in his Hyundai Accent!


    So the lights go off and Clay got the jump. Calvin was constantly hounded by Roman in the angry yabo machine and then disaster for Cal. He tracked too wide and the sandy dune sucked him in causing Roman to get by. Roman was then on the hunt for Clay reeling him in lap after lap. Eventually Roman got by and started charging. The Subaru seemed to have a better pace on longer runs than the rust buckets. First set of pit-stops go by and Roman decided to dial down and conserve the tires so he can execute a 3 stopper instead of risking a 4th. Cal got by his brother and reeled him in little by little. Then after the second pit stops Roman got sucked into the sand causing him to spin and lose his lead. He was 8 seconds behind calvin after the spin but he was determined to claw back and get the lead...Then the next lap he spun......again! This time Clay got by. Roman decided to pit the tires and go for it on the last stint.

    Barrett in the other Subaru executed a well planned 2 stop strategy and saw him in third. Roman got by him with 5 minutes remaining and went after Clay. Calvin was uncontested and cruised to his second win. Roman clawed back within striking distance from Clay but ran out of time. Clay finished 2nd, Roman finished 3rd to round out the podium. Here are the Lanica's celebrating their 1-2 victory after the race.


    Embarrasingly Roman in his Subaru was better off being seen in the principals office rather than spinning twice in his subaru. Clay was right all along


    Round 4 GBRC GT300: Gary's were muzzled some but the Impreza's were still useless!

    Round 4 took a trip to Daytona. Some say Daytona is Roman's home course (but its wrong its Twin Ring Motegi!). The Impreza's were not suited to this track making it a long day for Roman. Clay didn't have much practice here either so it was looking slim for the ALV duo to make some noise. Roman spun like 10,000 times in the first race but managed a commendable 6th. The second race was a fight to the end of the fastest impreza. Jamie went off and crashed on the bus stop chicane on the last lap so Roman captured 5th. Clay finished 2nd twice. First race he almost stole it from Silver while in the second race he had to hold off a hard charging Carlos to fend off 2nd.

    Upcoming events

    Thursday Casual Race Night: 500PP/New Clubman A night


    We had a vote up for the next endurance race. People liked the sound of a endurace race classic from past GT games. So while we will soon announce our 150KM race at grand valley the cars will be a production based class similar to street tuned vehicles. Come on out Thursday night as we test a preliminary field of tuned production cars to make a new class. Event starts 7:30PM EST.

    Preliminary specs
    1200kg min
    95% engine detune max
    Sports medium or soft tires.
    Production Cars only. No concept cars​