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Class B Clubman Class B

A very serious and competative class of cars, utilizing many firm favorites....

    Class B is the mid level in the Clubman range, with a good balance of power and weight, making it extremely popular in casual racing. These cars require a moderate-to-high level of driving skill, and while variety of cars is huge, drivers are encouraged to choose their cars carefully. For longer races, picking a car which is easier to drive may be preferable to one with greater outright performance, but greater difficulty. Nevertheless, Honda Integras may be seen in close combat with Nissan Silvias and VW Golf R32s.

    Class B, like all GT Arena Clubman Classes, have power and weight limit restrictions, as well as restrictions based upon the base car you start with.

    Tyre choice for any Clubman Class, including class B cars is open and up to the discretion of the event organiser but we recommend running Class B with Sports Mediums as a good starting point. Any aero that effects the PP of the car is banned in Class B.

    There is huge diversity of choice within Class B, FF, FR, MR and 4WD are well represented as well as even RR. Class B cars have their strengths and weaknesses, depending on the track type and layout. The FR cars lend themselves to the more experienced drivers, and FF for the novice as it allows a much more stable platform to race closely, but there is fun to be had in any type you may choose.
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