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Class C Clubman Class C

A step up from Class K, more powerful, serious but remaining playfully fun!!


    Class C was formed to utilize cars we see every day on the road, ranging from the Mazda MX-5 to the Nissan March, and like all GT Arena Clubman Classes is designed to cultivate the skills necessary for very close racing, with a variety of competitive cars. This class allows for extremely close racing with greater power than Class K, and for racers to improve their racecraft and car control when racing in a close pack. Class C is ideal for novice drivers and pros to improve their skills with a mix of drivetrains - there’s something for all driver levels within power levels. Class C cars are generally easy going on their tyres, reducing the effect of tyre degradation, and thus not impeding easier cars to drive like the FFs during longer races.

    Class C like all GT Arena Clubman classes have power and weight limit restrictions, as well as restrictions based upon the base car you start with.

    Tyre choice for any Clubman Class, including Class C, is open and up to the discretion of the event organiser, but we recommend running Class C with Sports Hard as a good starting point. Any aero that effects the PP of the car is banned in Class C.

    There is huge diversity of choice within Class C, FF, FR are well represented as well as RR. Class C cars have their strengths and weaknesses, depending on the track type and layout. The FR cars lend themselves to the more experienced drivers and FR for the novice as it allows a much more stable platform to race closely, but there is fun to be had in any type you may choose. Class C offers much of the same as Class K but in a slightly faster, sharper package.
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