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Class K Clubman Class K

Small, nimble, light and a whole heap of fun, K Class, the entry level Clubman Class Car

    Class K is an entry level class, and like all GT Arena Clubman Classes is designed to cultivate the skills necessary for very close racing with a variety of competitive cars. Class K is ideally suited to any racer, from novice to experienced, who wish to hone and develop solid racecraft, allowing for extremely close racing but without the steep and often harsh learning curve demanded from a faster and more powerful class of car.

    Class K like all GT Arena Clubman Classes have power and weight limit restrictions, as well as restrictions based upon the base car you start with.
    Tyre choice, for any Clubman Class, is open and up to the discretion of the event organizer, but we recommend running Class K with Comfort Soft as a good starting point. Any aero that effects the PP of the car is banned in Class K.

    There is huge diversity of choice within Class K. All drivetrain types (with the exception of 4WD) are well represented. Class K cars have their strengths and weaknesses, depending on the track type and layout. It's surprising how fun an eco box can be; but saying that, within K Class there are some nice little quirky classics that make for an entertaining drive.​
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