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  1. RacingRoman23R

    Welcome to the American Legion of Vroom. A North American based GT6 racing club for GTArena.com. As a new member to the GTArena.com web site or a returning member we would like to welcome you and invite you to join this new online racing community. We at the American Legion of Vroom are looking for like-minded adrenaline junkies who love racing and all aspects that go with it in the confines of GT6. We are a sports car club focused on simulator racing as well as real life motorsports racing.

    We here at ALV are a new club just starting out so we are still in the process of setting up our series of races. Our hope however is to produce racing that is fun, competitive, and most of all CLEAN! Good race craft and gentlemen sportsmanship is what we want to promote as a club. Our mission is to hold enjoyable fun for our members with a need for North American time zone friendly races. However, anyone from all over the world are welcome to join us if it fits your schedule or if you are a euro late night kind of guy. Times will change accordingly and we will post both an EST and a GMT time for ease of following. We also are striving to bring a diverse global community into fun, clean, and competitive racing. American Legion of Vroom is about having fun first and foremost. If you are a first time online racer or a GT academy finalist, a true purist who wants to jump in a fully stock 69 'vette on comfort hard tires and have a go at it, or a street tuner who loves to work over his cars with hours of testing and tuning we hope to have something for you.

    Founder RacingRoman23R is a top notch driver (in his mind that is). Fast, smooth, and always putting pressure but he also has a big smile whether he is being chased or he is doing the chasing. He is also a former championship winner and former King of the Ring champion for GTArena club GBRC in GT5. As with all drivers he was rough around the edges to start and has refined his race craft over time and so will you. He is always willing to give a helping hand when it comes to driving, tuning, or just to have a laugh. He is always open to new ideas and is keen on helping others when he can from car setups to understanding racing lines.

    We are also a club that has embraced technology of today. This we have address by allowing some aids ON for certain races. We do not allow Steering assist or skid recovery as it takes the "real" feeling away from the game. However ASM, TC, and ABS are allowed unless otherwise noted in casual and championship original post. All of our races will describe what aids are used or not and if there is any limited settings. We feel that if F1 and LM class cars can use them as part of the setting up of the car then we can too. ALV is also becoming a trend setter in new events and our members will have their say in the creation of other new races.

    Come Join the American Legion of Vroom and have a racing career from your own home, with great guys and great times!

    RacingRoman23R - [​IMG]
    Established Summer 2014

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