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GT Arena, the Inspiration, History and what we offer to the Gran Turismo 6 community!


    Gran Turismo Arena was born by the desire to help support the Gran Turismo 6 online racing community. There are countless large and small Gran Turismo 6 communities out there, all looking to achieve the same thing which is to share among your fellow racers awesome organised and casual racing. We recognized early on that many communities struggled to prosper out here in the wild. Many GT6 Clubs and communities either exist on large forums like GTPlanet but without robust tools to manage their activities, while many others took the plunge and decided to migrate their activities to their own dedicated websites. Whether you stayed or moved, both options had their pros and cons.

    Having the courage to move your activities and setting up your own dedicated website is great, you have all of the freedoms that you could not possibly have while calling somebody else's website home but the problems arise when you are trying to grow and maintain your community. Forgetting of course that you have to first design a fantastic looking website that is at least comparable to your competitors, encoursge all of your members to join, then work out how to keep them, and replace those that move on with new members . In the shadow of massively successful websites like GTPlanet, it is always going to be a struggle existing as an interdependent website dedicated to the Gran Turismo series. If you have your own Gran Turismo website, it will be competing with a website that is more than 10 years old that has 99% of the GT6 community.

    GTP is synonymous with Gran Turismo, they go hand in hand.
    Of course keeping your activities on big sites like GTPlanet means that you have a massive audience to promote your community activities. If you are good at what you do, then anything is possible. There are massively successful Clubs that remain on GTP, like Turtle and Snail. They offer up simple but a very effective formula and are hugely successful because of it but no doubt organizing their activities in multiple threads has its challenges.

    For those two clubs, perhaps staying on GTPlanet and running their clubs out of threads has been more favorable then having their own dedicated website but for many this has not been a viable option.

    During the early days of GT5 many clubs sporadically out grew GTPlanet requiring their own dedicated websites. To this day and with GT6 this still happens but like in the days of GT5 with mixed success. Some Clubs still exists while many others failed to grow with numbers dwindling to a point where their dedicated websites were no longer a viable option, only for them to return their activities to GTP, or disappear altogether . GT Arena club GBRC was a club like many born on GTP around the initial excitement of the release of Gran Turismo 5. GBRC out grew what GTPlanet could offer, and like many moved to their own dedicated website and despite being one of the more successful clubs, and not one of the many where numbers declined, it was still an ongoing struggle to maintain and grow while competing with large site like GTP.

    That is where GT Arena was born. A website to offer Gran Turismo communities their very own dedicated website space, like forums and news sections, where club owners and staff had the freedoms to organize and present their communities almost as if they had their very own dedicated websites. GT Arena clubs could brand and have the individuality that they could never have while lodging on other websites. Like their own forums with their own team colours and logos as well as dedicated club news sections to keep their members updated with the daily happenings.

    The idea behind GT Arena was a bold one, with a message that was always hard to communicate to the communities that we were there for. Of course GT Arena has not gone without its ups and downs and has struggled like many to create and maintain it very own successful footprint on the web.

    Fast forward 2 years, and GT Arena has been overhauled completely and hopes to address many of the issues that have prevented it from prospering and being a very real alternative solution for GT6 communities that live on other websites or that struggle alone with their own dedicated websites.

    We at GT Arena want to create a large successful Gran Turismo online racing community built from smaller communities/clubs all working together to help one another prosper, where competitive, fun, clean professional and intuitive racing is s core value of all that reside, from the top to the bottom.

    We at GT Arena hope that one day GTA becomes synonymous with Gran Turismo online racing, so that when you think "Online Racing" in GT6, your first though is GT Arena.

    Please read on to to find out more about what GT Arena can offer.
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