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High Race Etiquette and Realistic Racing.

  1. gurizzi

    This is a GT3 Club for racers of all skill & experience levels. This club is made up of a group of friends & any public racer. We host online lobbies, Time Trials and CUP series. We race under a 'Balance of Performance' system for both; car & drivers. This insures competitive racing for ALL skill levels.

    --Clean driving & Race Etiquette-
    The GT3 club is about racing clean & having fun, we expect you to fully understand racing etiquette, if you have any questions about etiquette please ask.

    --Driver help & questions-
    If any drivers looking try GT3 or have any questions about our club you can ask here. I also have a 'base set-up' for every GT3 car in this category, if you would like a set-up visit the 'GT3 Club Tuning forum'.

    Please check out our forums HERE
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