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Casual Closed Event [Apr 17, 2016] GT3 Club - LBGP 2016 (custom course) (gurizzi)

Discussion in 'GT3 Club Casual Events' started by gurizzi, Apr 6, 2016.

You can not signup for this event...

This event has already begun, or has already passed; RSVP has been since closed.
GT3 Club - LBGP 2016 (custom course)
Signups: 5
Posted By : gurizzi
Start: Apr 17, 2016 06:00 PM
End: Apr 17, 2016 07:00 PM
Time Zone: America/Los_Angeles -07:00 PDT
The following Races have signed up "Yes": 5
The following Races have signed up "Wildcard":
  1. gurizzi

    GT3 Club GT3 Club Admin


    • Gran Turismo 6 - GT3 category.
    • Pirelli World Challenge spec.
    • 450hp cap.


    -GT3 Club Specs:

    GT3 Class: ABS ONLY

    Audi R8 LMS Ultra '12 (AUDI SPORT TEAM PHOENIX) --

    Audi R8 LMS Ultra '12 (Base Model)

    BMW Z4 GT3 '11 --
    Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 '11 --
    [​IMG] SPEC:
    Weight: 1420kg
    Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 '13
    N24 Schulze Motorsport
    GT3 Base model
    Plain Nismo GT3
    YouTube GT-R
    15th Anniv.
    [​IMG] SPEC:
    Weight: 1364kg
    #1 gurizzi, Apr 6, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2016
  2. gurizzi

    GT3 Club GT3 Club Admin

    How to sign-up for this event

    - click the sign-up option 'yes' to reserve your spot on the grid this weekend!

    --- Type in the comment box: car model - driver/car number . Then click 'post'.

    Thank you!

    Event start time: (5:00pm PST/8:00pm EST)

    GT3 Class


    GT3 Club Lobby will be open 4/17 @ 5:00pm PST(West USA)


    -- Damage: Heavy
    -- Transmission setting: Manual
    -- Tire compound change req.
    -- 20min. Event
    -- World circuit: Long Beach Grand Prix 2016
    -- ALL car specs. see post #1
    #2 gurizzi, Apr 6, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2016
    PAPPACLART likes this.
  3. thermite_917

    GT3 Club Admin

    Hi @gurizzi! I randomly decided to poke my head back into this forum and noticed GT3 Club is still active (to some degree)! Since I don't have PCARS yet (I'm still on the fence) and I've been wanting to do some road racing, I figured now was a good time to get back into GT6! See ya at Long Beach, and if you have a practice session at some point, let me know (you may have to re-add me on PSN) :)
    gurizzi and PAPPACLART like this.


    Welcome back gents!
    thermite_917 and gurizzi like this.
  5. gurizzi

    GT3 Club GT3 Club Admin

    -- Yea, you know...when GT6 population went down I went to other games nd made room for new ppl to add so of course ill re-add you. I made the LBGP course freehand, as you know the track editor is limited as are my skills, but surprisingly its pretty good. I didn't choose the layout option of 'eifel flat' cuz its a little boring. The layout I chose has some elevation change and it amazingly enough actually made the correct elevation change in some spots just by luck! ----

    ---- ALL can go to my GT6 community page and download the track that will be used in this event as its available now! thanks & enjoy!
  6. thermite_917

    GT3 Club Admin

    That was a fun race! It started off by @gurizzi making a very risky yet clean move in the narrow first turn. However, he slipped up before the backstretch and kindly let me by. After that, it was all about hitting my marks and figuring out when to pit. I came in at the end of lap 10 and ended up running out of gas about 5 seconds before the finish :eek: Luckily I had a big lead and was able to pull off the win!
    gurizzi, Motorhead_51 and PAPPACLART like this.

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