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Official Closed Event [Apr 5, 2015] March CUP #7 - GT3 & GTD (gurizzi)

Discussion in 'GT3 Club Official Events' started by gurizzi, Mar 31, 2015.

You can not signup for this event...

This event has already begun, or has already passed; RSVP has been since closed.
March CUP #7 - GT3 & GTD
Signups: 16
Posted By : gurizzi
Start: Apr 5, 2015 08:00 AM
End: Apr 5, 2015 09:00 AM
Time Zone: America/Los_Angeles -07:00 PDT
The following Races have signed up "No":
  1. xX-BOOJI-Xx

    GT3 Club

    Oh no, I haven't even noticed it! :eek:
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  2. thermite_917

    GT3 Club Admin

    Thermite's Race Report

    I waited beyond when the GTD cars could go in qualifying to make sure I had some clean track ahead and behind me, and even then it was kind of difficult. But I still managed to get a good clean lap that was only a little off of what I did in practice. Good enough for 2nd in class. Wasn't expecting that lap from brr383!

    The start of the race was really clean from my perspective. Tip-toed through the chicane and then tried to go after brr after I noticed we broke away from the rest of our class. I closed in a couple laps later coming into Neptune, and brr misjudged the exit or something and hit the wall. I took advantage of that and grabbed the lead! I was then able to control my race and take it easy until the first pit stop, being careful to not make any mistakes. I came in for my first stop with 40 mins to go and switched to RH.

    The second stint started out good, but then disaster struck with 30 mins to go. HEMI had gotten around me in his GT3 car, and as we came out of the final turn, we caught a damaged RP. He tried to get out of the way, but HEMI had a bad angle or something and ran into him. That caused the track to be blocked and I had nowhere to go so I was collected in the crash. Luckily we were were right by pit road so it didn't really hurt anything. I went back to RM and put in enough fuel to make it to the end.

    I came out in 2nd behind brr. It took me a while to realize I didn't have the lead anymore because of all the multicast traffic haha. But I was able to catch him eventually. I thought his tires were worn but I think he said he had damage. Anyway, as I was passing to the outside in Neptune, he hung in there and we ended up going side by side through the narrow kink on the back straight! That was intense but we made it! After I got the lead back it was just a matter of making it to the end. I made an extra pit stop inside 10 minutes to go just to be safe. Because of when the crash happened, it would have been risky to stretch my tires that far. I had a big enough lead so I decided to bring it in.

    I came back out with a comfortable lead and brought it home with the win :D Not bad for my first official race in a non-GT3 class! Congrats to BLADErunner too! Great job by everyone with the multiclass traffic!
    BLADErunner80, gurizzi and Tijee like this.
  3. Gappasson

    GT3 Club

    I wanted to look at the big crashes and maybe post some video clips but it seems like my replay file is corrupt. It freezes the whole system in in lap 10 :(
  4. Tijee

    GT3 Club

    Congrats BLADErunner and thermite, that was a tough race!

    I had a good qualifying session and I finished with an expected lap time of 1'25.5xx.

    I was happy with my race start and I've been careful in the first turn as there was a lot of traffic. First turn went fine, but 2 turns later RP892012 didn't expect me to brake early and he bumped me, causing mechanical damages. I was upset first, but I was still able to drive, the suspensions were damaged so I had to be slower on corner exit but the engine was OK. Just to be safe I stopped to the pit earlier than expected (by the end of lap 10), but I'm pretty sure it didn't change the result of the race for me so that's fine. :)
    I started my second stint with RH, just behind RP892012, I fought hard and eventually overtook him after he made a little mistake. My third stint and the rest of the race were OK but the traffic made it intense. I deeply apologize if I blocked some GT3 drivers but this track has narrow turns that make it difficult to let some gap for overtaking.

    Can't wait for Silverstone! :)

    Edit: sorry for blaming you @Fred_dude, I watched the replay and actually it was RP892012 who bumped me :)
    #64 Tijee, Apr 5, 2015
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2015
    RP892012 and gurizzi like this.
  5. Constructr

    GT3 Club

    Constructr's Race Report

    Man, what a race! During some morning practice sessions, I finally got the SLS to behave the way I wanted it to. I wasn't getting the rotation I was looking for like I could get with the Audi R8 but I found a tune that did the trick. Unfortunately, I didn't save it and when I cleared cache, before the event, I lost the tune and was limited to my "B" tune. Another lesson learned.

    Qualifying was ok and I placed P5 on the grid.

    Got a good start off the line and told myself, "just be patient and keep your nose clean!"
    I was behind Bobbydazzler for 1/2 a lap and he made a slight error, which caused me to move left to avoid and Franky-Smalls got by me. I tailed them for about another lap or two then they got collected at turn 1 chicane and I managed to squeeze by both of them and take P4. Another few laps went down and I got past HEMI and BLADErunner. Think they came together near the end of the lap but not sure. A few laps later Gappasson had to pit with damage and I passed him, too. I just kept pushing and pushing without overdoing it. Had a brief scare when I came around turn 3 and saw RP had spun his Camaro and I swerved to the left and JUST missed him!
    About the 3/4 mark I saw BLADErunner must have made an error because his gap to me had gone from 12.00 sec. to 6.0 sec. so I pushed hard but there was no catching him. I could match his time but I couldn't beat it on the hards. Gappasson was 2.0 sec behind me so I just decided it wasn't worth the risk and I just managed my gap to Gappasson and came home in P2 which was very nice. To finish this race in P2 with zero damage was incredible for me. Congrats to BLADErunner and Thermite on the wins!

    I'll know today if I can make Silverstone as I have to travel to Colombia at some point this week for business. Not sure exactly when though.
    #65 Constructr, Apr 6, 2015
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2015
    gurizzi and Tijee like this.
  6. gurizzi

    GT3 Club GT3 Club Admin

    Thanks to ALL who participated in this GT3 Club event!

    Great drive, BLADErunner80 & thermite_917

    Q: I had a good q session, I was starting the race on RH tires so I did a pit-stop to put on RM tires during q, turning a 1:25.0.

    R: Race start was good, I got a run on Lew down the straight, I didn't have to make a pass attempt, but I know Lew would give me room so I did. We went side-by-side through the first chicane and unfortunately Lew got loose and gave me front right damage, np! I was planning on pitting early to get the RH tires out of the way. I stopped after lap 1, put RM tires on. From this point on the race was action packed! weather it was passing the GTD in class cars or getting lapped by the GT3 Class, very exciting racing and good awareness from ALL! I had brief battles with Lew and brr, great racing! After a few stops, it was close to the end of the event, with about 7min left, I came around a corner and saw RP spun-out. He was not moving at this time so I committed to go under him, at the same time he decided to move resulting in me getting front left damage, np RP!. I made my final stop and it was good because I might have ran out of tires. I crossed the finish line 3rd in class!

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  7. Gappasson

    GT3 Club

    Wait. It's possible to drive on RM during Q but start the race on RH? Did I get that right? o_O
    gurizzi likes this.
  8. gurizzi

    GT3 Club GT3 Club Admin

    -- YES! I didn't learn it until our 2nd CUP series either lol.

    -- Choose RH tires, start event.

    - Q start, drive 1 lap, pit-stop, change to RM tires, do your Q.

    - Race starts & ur on RH tires!
  9. Gappasson

    GT3 Club

    Thank you @gurizzi
    Never would have tried it! :)
    Gregson and gurizzi like this.
  10. thermite_917

    GT3 Club Admin

    That's how I got the pole at our Brands Hatch race :D I chose wets, but when the track dried up in qualifying, I put RM on when no one else did. Then when the race started (with rain once again) I was automatically back on the wets.
    gurizzi and Gappasson like this.
  11. gurizzi

    GT3 Club GT3 Club Admin

    GTD Class: Final Standings!

    1. brr383 - 80 points (4/4)
    2. Lewmatic12 - 68 points (4/4)
    3. RP892012 - 52 points (4/4)
    4. Flash_Noddy - 43 points (3/4)
    5. gurizzi - 43 points (2/4)
    6. Tijee - 41 points (3/4)
    7. gibbsgto - 38 points (2/4)
    8. thermite_917 - 25 points (1/4)
    9. constructr - 20 points (1/4)
    10. FRT_Sickwitit - 18 points (1/4)

    Congratulations brr383 !!!

    MARCH CUP - GTD Class Champion !!!
    Tijee likes this.
  12. gurizzi

    GT3 Club GT3 Club Admin

    1. Fred_dude - 91 points
    2. thermite_917 - 79 points
    3. Gappasson - 76 points
    4. weazel_pnay - 75 points
    5. BobbyDazzler2009 - 62 points
    6. gurizzi - 57 points
    7. BLADErunner80 - 45 points
    8. Franky-smalls - 30 points
    9. Gregsahne33 - 28 points
    10. constructr - 27 points
    11. Tijee31 - 26 points
    12. Flash_Noddy - 25 points
    13. FRT_Sickwitit - 24 points
    14. RP892012 - 20 points
    15. BurnerTheLegend - 20 points
    16. gibbsgto - 18 points
    17. GoochBurn - 16 points
    18. HEMIata - 14 points
    19. BoojiBoyTravis - 10 points
    20. mad_gamer09 - 9 points

    GT3 Class standings


    BLADE {+1}
    Gapp {+1}
    Thermite {+1}
    brr {+1}
    constructr {+Am}
    Tijee likes this.
  13. thermite_917

    GT3 Club Admin

    Photos from the Madrid race are in the media forum. Check 'em out :D
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