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Official Closed Event [Apr 5, 2015] Q3 GBRC Honda S2000 Championships (scenga77744)

Discussion in 'GBRC Current Season Official Events' started by bnic11, Dec 30, 2014.

You can not signup for this event...

This event has already begun, or has already passed; RSVP has been since closed.
Q3 GBRC Honda S2000 Championships
Signups: 0
Posted By : bnic11
Start: Apr 5, 2015 09:00 PM
End: Apr 5, 2015 11:00 PM
Time Zone: Europe/London +01:00 BST
  1. numbnuts70

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    I'd guess it was Carl.

    Senna helmet, Black car and no gold alloys - Jamie had them.
    Plus, I know it wasn't me.

    Last night I had, like literally an out, an in and 2 in between, laps at Brands and got a 1.35 and a 1.34 1.31.5s with the same set-up as the Nurb.
    Seeing as that was the same set-up as Rome, (apart from a tweak with the gears), that time should be there or thereabouts.
    #121 numbnuts70, Mar 23, 2015
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2015
    Motorhead_51 and Fido996 like this.
  2. oldnail

    Club GBRC

    Really enjoyed the racing last night. Was trying to keep the pressure on nuts in race 1. It worked for a couple of laps until I pushed too hard exiting the tight right hander and lost it! Had an excellent battle with Coke for a few laps after that which was fun. Super win nuts and awesome fastest lap again! Managed to catch Motorhead with a couple of laps to go in race 2 but couldn't quite find a way past. Had a bit of a go at the chicane on the last lap which didn't work, nearly got past at the line but didn't quite make it (0.060 sec's difference!). Well done on the win Motorhead!
    Motorhead_51, Fido996 and numbnuts70 like this.
  3. numbnuts70

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Just found this. - Championship standings.

    Those fastest laps are all I got on Oldnail at the moment, dead level otherwise - MotorHead running 3rd.

    Edit: pending race admin reviews of course. :D
    Motorhead_51 likes this.
  4. ejd_eire

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Looks like me!!!!!
  5. Zebaldus

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Ej but I think he got me in the end anyway. Racing is a bitch and then you loose. :p
  6. Zebaldus

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    That 1st corner...... Brands :mad:
    Motorhead_51 likes this.
  7. Race Admin

    Club GBRC

    The Race Admin Team have been in discussion for some time now as to how to most efficiently deal with fastest laps that exceed track limits.

    Until now the lap in question had always been voided and the next fastest lap was then evaluated and so on.
    However, whilst reviewing recent races it has become such a time consuming proceedure with track limits being pushed that point adjustments are taking too long and the points table is suffering as a consequence.

    It is Race Admins decision to now evaluate the fastest lap only, and if deemed to have exceeded track limits or be classed as 'dirty' in any other way, the fastest lap points for that race will be null and void and not issued to anyone.

    We hope you understand our decision.
    Race Admin Team.
    Uwanq, PAPPACLART, Fido996 and 5 others like this.
  8. Uwanq

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    I would have loved to participate in this event carlos even put up fast tyrewear as well! unfortunately been entertaining most sundays or summat but great to see it's bringing out the close racing. Hopefully catch up this weekend or i'll have to relearn using a pad!
    Jimantonic and PAPPACLART like this.
  9. carlos77744

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    We have been missing you Derek looks like we're heading project cars way next month but we have the fiat punto s which will be close racing
  10. numbnuts70

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Not sure whether I'll be on tonight.
    my routers started to play up, probably have to order a new one, so if I'm not online, you know why.

    If I don't make it, good luck all :)
  11. oldnail

    Club GBRC

    Bad luck Nuts hope to see you there.
  12. numbnuts70

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Thanks Nail, I'll try but I could DC at any point. :confused:

    I had to write the post above with my mobile and now I'm back on the lap-top. :mad:

    I'll try to look inside between now and 8pm, see if it's an easy fix.
  13. carlos77744

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Attached Files:

    #133 carlos77744, Mar 29, 2015
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2015
    numbnuts70 likes this.
  14. oldnail

    Club GBRC

    Good fun tonight, gutted to get dc,d in race 1, well done Shay in race 2 put me under big pressure until l lost it ar Paddock bend. Race 3 had a great battle with Jamie until we had a very minor touch which let Carl sneak through to 2nd! Well done nuts on another dominant performance!
    numbnuts70 likes this.
  15. rams1de

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Well done to nuts on his two wins and to shay in race 2.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the racing tonight. Brands Hatch is probably my favourite track in the game, not too many corners to think about although half of them are really treacherous.
    numbnuts70 likes this.
  16. Motorhead_51

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Yes, well done Nuts and Shay. Sorry for being late, had no idea of the time change! But it's probably better off.... The little Honda might have overheated if I had plugged up the radiator with anymore grass:confused:

    Brands is one of my favorites as well! Don't know what happened today, mind was just elsewhere.... Wish I could do it over again.

    Thanks for the great fun Carl! Enjoyed it thoroughly! Thank you for hosting Shay....I will miss next weeks event do to the Easter Holiday but I will miss it much. Happy Easter fellas!
    Fido996 and Jimantonic like this.
  17. Zolon32

    Club GBRC

    Hi chaps, many apologies for missing last night, plumbing problem (the house, not me). :(

    Cheers, Zo.
    Zebaldus and Uwanq like this.
  18. Jimantonic

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Despite falling off the track more times than I care to recall I actually really enjoyed race 1, had to wait on lap 1 as I couldn't tell who I hit in the smoke screen, but looking back at the replay it was Steve whilst he was facing the wrong way but neh mind.

    Race 2 I switched to a much safer setup and was able to find more consistency than race 1, with Nail and Motor Head both gifting me positions I'd have never have gained myself.
    Although a couple of shakey laps put Coke and Nuts within pressure inducing range but just managed to keep it together to remain a moving road block for Shay's benefit.

    Race 3 can be summed up in 3 words:
    North Devon's internet.

    Got back on to see Nuts set a blistering couple of laps at Autumn Ring, a track at which I normally have good pace but there is something about this car I can't get my head around and can neither drive or tune my way around the problem.
    But Autumn Ring always produces good racing which I'm looking forward to.
    cokebloke likes this.
  19. rams1de

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    I didn't like the handling of the 06 when I was deciding on car for this one, it's quite different from the standards for some reason. It's not how I remember it when the game came out when it didn't need much tweaking to be great round Trial Mountain at Class B regs.

    Motor City Tunes on GTP has just posted a new set up for the 06, it's only 450pp on SH but might be worth trying the suspension set up. He got lots of love for a tune he did on the car in the early days of the game so has a good feel for what works.
    Motorhead_51 likes this.
  20. Jimantonic

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    For Nurb I did reset my setup and built it around using camber to see A) if I could and B) if it could be as quick as my normal setup.
    It worked well at Nurb and was a tenth or so quicker, but at Brands it was a disaster, hence the switch back to the old setup.

    Autumn Ring seems to need something between the two setups, as both are horrible and unpredictable through a couple of turns.

    I usually find the tunes from GTP pretty lifeless but I'll see if I have time to find it and try it.

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