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Official Closed Event [Feb 15, 2015] Q3 GBRC Lotus Elise Championship (Entries now closed) (bnic11)

Discussion in 'GBRC Current Season Official Events' started by bnic11, Dec 30, 2014.

You can not signup for this event...

This event has already begun, or has already passed; RSVP has been since closed.
Q3 GBRC Lotus Elise Championship (Entries now closed)
Signups: 0
Posted By : bnic11
Start: Feb 15, 2015 08:00 PM
End: Feb 15, 2015 10:00 PM
Time Zone: Europe/London +00:00 GMT
  1. numbnuts70

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Some randoms from the action last night.

    Trial Mountain Circuit (2).jpg

    Trial Mountain Circuit.jpg Trial Mountain Circuit_1.jpg Trial Mountain Circuit_3.jpg Trial Mountain Circuit_4.jpg Trial Mountain Circuit_5.jpg Trial Mountain Circuit_6.jpg Trial Mountain Circuit_7.jpg

    Congrats to Jim and Carl on their wins last night, a track and car that lets you know you’ve had a race.

    I just managed to get pole with 1.27.250 after a battle with Jim for the 3 points, this round was very much about balancing results with points for me.

    Race 1.

    After, what seemed, an eternity,(black screen), I started off with my eyes firmly on my rear view as Jim and Roman were in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

    By the first turn Jim was starting to do a merry jig, bouncing round the screen but Roman looked ok.

    First 3 laps I noticed that I’d feather the brake, going into the left at the end of the straight, but end up scrubbing about 5mph more than usual until I adjusted.

    Lap 2, Jim went for a gap into the right, after the tunnel, I couldn’t see him so stayed on my line.

    We banged doors just before the apex, Jim backed out and dropped to 3rd.

    Luckily there was enough of a gap to rams to only drop a place and I remember thinking that ‘he’ll have it on him now, as he just lost the 1st round!!

    Thanks to that incident, Roman was on me by the end of the straight and I was praying that there wasn’t going to be a lunge, ‘a la LeMans’, but he was duly blown into the weeds and Jim passed him at the end of the straight on lap 3.

    Lap 5, Jim passed me after the straight, I didn’t put too much of a fight as I figured he really wanted to be leading after the previous incident and I was thinking more of overall standings.

    After doing 27s to catch me, Jim started doing 28s, letting GT and Roman to start clawing us back in but after a lap or so Jim was back into the swing and seeing that I wasn’t gonna be making a move anytime soon, allowing our 2 car train to start chugging again.

    Followed Jim for till lap 14, watching where he was quick and logging potential overtake spots to be used in the last few laps where I’d have him, but then put an outside left onto the grass coming into the right after the tunnel, lost it, oversteered/over-corrected straight into the wall (game over)

    Luckily we had built up an 8sec gap to the GT train (GT had spun going coming down to the start finish), so I managed to back it up, out of the wall and still keep 2nd place.

    Around a couple of corners on the exit of 2nd tunnel,Bry was caught panicking, nose against the wall,with the pack closing in. (don't worry Bry, stuff happens).

    I managed to just miss him but I then had the whole straight to spectate as the field came behind me.

    The worst affected were scenga clay and rams, the least , coke ,roman and zolon.

    Then for me, it was a case of gunning for the fastest lap (just pipped GT on the last lap) for the extra points and settle for 2nd.
    #201 numbnuts70, Feb 2, 2015
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2015
  2. Zolon32

    Club GBRC

    You might think that we were the least effected Nuts, but I don't mind telling you, I was horribly traumatised by the thought of my racing buddies coming to grief at the top of the hill. Tears welled in my eyes as I sped off through the tunnel. I'm not sure I'll ever forget that terrible ordeal..... Or the mess I made of the last lap of race 2, trying to nick the second step of the podium off Rams. Damit!

    Roll on Sunday. Cheers, Zo.
    Motorhead_51 and numbnuts70 like this.
  3. bnic11

    Aministrator Club GBRC

    Results - Round 3 Trial Mountain

    Pole : Numbnuts = 1.27.250

    Race 1
    1. Jim
    2. Numbnuts 1.27.367 FL
    3. Roman (Celebrity Appearance according to Roman)
    4. Cokebloke
    5. Zolon
    6. Binc11
    7. Scenga
    8. Rams
    9. Motorhead
    10. Zeb
    11. EJD
    12. Bibble
    13. Bry_st3r
    14. Clay = DC'd
    15. Uwanq = DC'd
    16. Jamie = DC'd

    Race 2
    1. Scenga
    2. Rams
    3. Cokebloke
    4. Roman (another Celebrity Appearance according to Roman...more like the Phantom Menace)
    5. Numbnuts
    6. Bnic11
    7. Zolon
    8. Uwanq
    9. Motorhead
    10. Jim 1.27.616 FL
    11. Zeb
    12. Bibble
    13. Bry-st3
    14. EJD = DC'd

    Championship Standings :

    After an 'average' performance for Numbnuts in this round, he still scored well & is way out in the lead of the Championships with 146pts. After a strong drive in Race 2, Scenga jumps up to second place with 110pts. 'I dont believe it' that Zolon has now moved up to third with 90pts. Behind the top 3, there is a good battle for fourth, with Clay 88pts, Coke 85pts, Bnic 84pts & Rams 80pts.

    After dominating the first two rounds, has Nuts form 'peaked' ?
    Will Scenga catch Nuts in Deep Forest ? (that sounds even worse than I expected !)
    Will Scenga try & replace Nuts engine with a McLaren Honda unit (top speed of 6 laps per day)
    Who is this Roman & why is he a celebrity ?
    Will Cokebloke ever go on holiday ?
    Which member has a cat that can work a remote control ?

    All will be answered in the final round at Deep Forest next Sunday........
    #203 bnic11, Feb 2, 2015
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2015
  4. Zolon32

    Club GBRC

    You don't believe it. I don't believe it, I demand a recount! Racing tyres, downforce and 182 piffling BHP. What the hell am I doing up in third? And would I be able to match that if we raced 500BHP road cars on C/S? There's only one way to find out.................

    C/Heers, Zo. (see what I did there?)

    Speaking of tyres, typical cock up by PD, on the display when I was racing yesterday the tyres on the right hand side of the car were correctly indicated as RH. But the ones on the left hand side were marked RH also. Man it really annoys me how stupid they are at PD.
    bnic11 likes this.
  5. Bry_St3r

    Club GBRC

    what downforce?

    After reading this I went to check the game and found that this can be changed I assume thats what everyone has done and may explains a few things.
    if this is the case any recommendations on settings will be gratefully appreciate.

    Nice to see the site back.
  6. bnic11

    Aministrator Club GBRC

    Brian, dont touch the downforce settings, as your car will not comply with the 'tuning prohibited' room / event settings & therefore will not be able to join.

    We do of course change the downforce settings on events that allow tuning, such as KOTR where most people run with very little downforce to get a few more mph on the top speed.
    Bry_St3r likes this.
  7. Bry_St3r

    Club GBRC

    Thanks for the speedy reply.
  8. bnic11

    Aministrator Club GBRC

    I may be on tonight in a Club Lobby for some practice around Deep Forest if anyone is interested.

    Also, can everyone signup each week otherwise I dont stand a chance of guessing who is going to turn up !
    PAPPACLART and Motorhead_51 like this.
  9. Bry_St3r

    Club GBRC

    I will be up for some pratice what time are you looking to be on.
  10. bnic11

    Aministrator Club GBRC

    Maybe on about 7.30pm ish at the earliest :)
  11. Zebaldus

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    If I get my new wheel installed in time =D I´m game.
  12. Zolon32

    Club GBRC

    I'm on for some practice for an hour or so chaps.......

    Cheers, Zo.
  13. Bry_St3r

    Club GBRC

    Will try and get on for a run
  14. Jimantonic

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Joining now.
  15. Uwanq

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    @Zolon32 sorely tempted to join but steep learning curve trying to remember how play with pad. Can I be cheeky and ask for a quick summary of times posted?
  16. Zolon32

    Club GBRC

    Hi Derrick. At the moment a 16.3 to 16.5 seems to be a very competitive time forwards, with about half a second added for the reverse track, roughly.

    Overtaking is monumentally difficult, more so than on any of the tracks earlier in the series. It's going to be fun, fun, fun all the way. (Until, such as I did, you cock up the last corner and smash in to the pit entrance.)

    Cheers, Zo.
    Jimantonic and Motorhead_51 like this.
  17. bnic11

    Aministrator Club GBRC

    I still need people to signup each week please. This really helps as I may have to turn away Wildcard entries with a full room expected.

    5 regular signups are missing at the moment !

    #217 bnic11, Feb 5, 2015
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 5, 2015


    Guys the sign up feature is there for a reason please use it as we do not want to go down the road of refusing members participation who turn up in the lobby without first signing up.

    bnic11 likes this.
  19. bnic11

    Aministrator Club GBRC

    Final Round tomorrow, and while Deep Forest is a tricky, technical track which is quite challenging in the Lotus, here are a few things to watch out for :

    The pavement that is on the left before the first tunnel (or as known by Nigel as the dogging lay-by), is not track. Neither is the pavement in the first tunnel. Any member seen continually cutting these areas may receive a penalty.

    The same applies to the reverse track.

    The final corner is usually taken flat out, but its very easy to run wide onto the grass on the outside. Even though you may still have two wheels on the track, members who continually run all the way along the long grass verge lap after lap, kicking up dust, without making an effort to get back fully on track, may face a penalty.

    Good luck to everyone !
    Motorhead_51 and Jimantonic like this.
  20. Motorhead_51

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Hey Bruce,
    There is a birthday party tomorrow I have to go to, I thought it was today. Was really lookin forward to tomorrow's race. I really enjoyed the Elise at Deep Forest. If my plans change I will let you know ASAP. I will be chomping at the bit to find out what happened, though!
    Jimantonic likes this.

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