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Official Closed Event [Feb 15, 2015] Q3 GBRC Lotus Elise Championship (Entries now closed) (bnic11)

Discussion in 'GBRC Current Season Official Events' started by bnic11, Dec 30, 2014.

You can not signup for this event...

This event has already begun, or has already passed; RSVP has been since closed.
Q3 GBRC Lotus Elise Championship (Entries now closed)
Signups: 0
Posted By : bnic11
Start: Feb 15, 2015 08:00 PM
End: Feb 15, 2015 10:00 PM
Time Zone: Europe/London +00:00 GMT
  1. Jimantonic

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    I'll be on for a good spell tonight if anyone wishes to join, probably about 8 ish.
  2. Zolon32

    Club GBRC

    Well chaps, something very weird seems to have happened. I've just been in an online room to have a bit of practice, and to check the performance of 1 inch up wheels. For the sake of consistency I turned depletion off. The track was miles faster, with a quickest lap of 1:15.098. Mental. To be honest, I didn't have time to check how it went with depletion turned back on, but I know that, previously, there's been no chance of me getting under 1:16, let alone close to a 1:14. Strange.

    Cheers, Zo.
  3. ejd_eire

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Hi guys,

    I;m sorry I cant make it tonight, I defo wont be back before 9pm , So i am going to have to withdraw. Apologies

    Zo, I noticed when practising for the TT a while back, I had the tyre wear turned off for consistency also and I noticed there was there was an increase of grip. I think on this setting the tyres are at absolute peak performance.
  4. Jimantonic

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Never tried it at that setting Zo, my guess is that it essentially puts it to the same 'conditions' as an offline TT, but I was experimenting with the wheel sizes last night.
    Ultimately I wasn't concentrating on lap times, more how the car felt.
    Most notably was the difference between stock and +2", in that the bigger wheels felt more accurate in slow speed turns (especially turn 1 fwd/final turn rev), yet felt less grippy in high speed turns, where as it felt the opposite for stock wheels.
    As for lap times, +1" was quickest for me, I guess being a medium between the two it makes sense, although I haven't done enough running in the car/track combo to be ultra consistent, but times were about two or three tenths between the wheel sizes.
    Motorhead_51 likes this.
  5. Zolon32

    Club GBRC

    That makes sense Ej. I'm still shocked by it being more than a second quicker though, especially as much of the gain is made after the second tunnel, when you're flat out continually to the end of the lap with either setting. Weird.

    I'll be sticking with stock Jim, I'm miles further up the league than I ever imagined I would be, so changing now would be a stupid move I think. Besides, I couldn't sense any difference in feel at all between stock and inch-up, but the times were slightly better (only hundredths, mind) stock.

    See y'all tonight chaps, let battle commence! Zo.
    Motorhead_51 likes this.
  6. bnic11

    Aministrator Club GBRC

    @Zolon - Yes its a massive difference with tyre wear OFF compared to tyre wear NORMAL.
    Jamie had a practice room open the other night with tyre wear off & I was about 1 sec faster than normal. It felt quite a bit different in that you could floor it more through certain corners with lots more grip.

    @EJD sorry to here that EJ, thanks for letting me know.
  7. Clay.GT1372

    Club ALV

    Very late in the game to be asking about wheel choices but I've had little to no time for testing/practice this series untill about an hour ago, so I wanted to test the different wheel sizes and chassis ridgidity (is it allowed?), rather than going in and out of the lobby to change wheels I went on a mad spending spree and purchased 3 more elise's one with +1, one with +2 and the other with chassis ridgidity stock wheels, done oil change on em all n opened my lobby, ran 10 laps in my stock one (stock wheels no chassis ridgidity) 10 laps in the chassis one and then was about to give the +1 one a run but I couldnt get it to track "tuning prohibited" same story with +2. Has anyone else came across this? Could it be due to the different wheels like some OZs and BBSs cost more? Ive OZ Superforgiatas fitted which are the more expensive ones. Dont have time to check it out myself as her indoors is after putting the foot down n ive jobs to do lol

    see yall later :)
  8. Zolon32

    Club GBRC

    It does that at first Clay. You've got to go through the 'car settings' putting them at default after changing the wheels. It might just be the gearing, to be honest, but that's the reason it wouldn't let you on. 'Default' it and you'll be okay.

    Cheers, Zo.
  9. Bry_St3r

    Club GBRC

    Apologies can not make it this evening :(
  10. Bry_St3r

    Club GBRC

    double post sorry :confused:
  11. Motorhead_51

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Hey Clay,
    I know I am a newbie and all but this is my thoughts.... +1 were much faster than stock(.5seconds about).... +2 were .25-.3 seconds or so faster than +1.... Not much to make a difference but some.... But the +2 had a great responsive feeling that I really felt compfy with, and that was the decider for me.....
    I think time around the track is important but it also depends on your style and how it feels to you.... Stock could be faster. But to me, it felt as though there were marshmallows on my rims
    #231 Motorhead_51, Feb 8, 2015
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2015
  12. cokebloke

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Great series thanks for hosting Bruce. Good battles in both races but particularly the second race, highlights for me were the battles with GT, Vague, and Bnic, Look forward to racing these cars again
    Motorhead_51 likes this.
  13. rams1de

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Great climax to a great series, well done to Bruce and thanks for hosting.

    Congrats to Zolon for the win on race 1, to Carl for the win in race 2 and of course Nuts for the deserved championship victory.

    This was probably the most eventful night's racing I've had since joining the GBRC. Both races swung from triumph to disaster so many times, I never knew what would happen next.

    Had a few good tussles, especially the first 6-8 Laps in race 1 with Bruce and Nige. A mix of fortune had me in 4th before half way, at one point I ricocheted off the roadblock set up by Shay and Jamie and somehow managed to carry on. With a comfortable few seconds gap to fifth, had a spell where I couldn't find grip and ending up spinning a couple of times in places I've never lost control before, ended up finishing well down the pack.

    Meant I started race 2 in third I think and took the lead early in the first lap but thinking I'd caused Bruce to spin, waited and ended up last. Made my way up the field, as much due to others mistakes as anything else, and got up to third managing to escape a few hairy escapades with cars going off or coming back onto track. Looked like I might have a thrilling few laps against Clay at the end, but got involved in a scrape and couldn't regain the tow I needed to keep him under pressure.

    Great fun and no surprise members are already counting the days to the next event with these little wisps.
    numbnuts70, Motorhead_51 and Fido996 like this.
  14. Jimantonic

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Congrats to Nuts on the championship.
    Great to hear Zo got 1st, well done.
    And Carl too, that must put Carl fairly well up the standings.

    Apologies last night, first off for my late showing.
    Secondly for my early leaving.
    Had so much lag again it was pointless to race, as I think I was dangerously close to Shay in turn 1 as his car shot all over the road from behind me to besides me to infront in Bruces patented time travelling style.
    This complete championship has been ruined for me by lag, strange as I never used to suffer this bad, but until something gets sorted I think its best I avoid official events.

    It (should have been!) was a great championship Bruce, probably seeing everyones lap times the closest for a long long time, great stuff and thanks for your efforts of hosting and organising.
    numbnuts70 and cokebloke like this.
  15. Zolon32

    Club GBRC

    Hi chaps, what a blast that was!

    Congratulations to Nuts on his championship victory, and thanks to Bruce for organising. It's a real pleasure to take part in a well attended event with good quality driving throughout the field.

    I have to say, if someone had told me that I'd be on the pace in this series I'd have thought they were smoking, and I'm chuffed to bits with my first ever win in an official GBRC race. (Leon's Cock and Pussy thing was only semi official I think, and many years ago.)

    Belting, belting stuff......... Now, what about the Honda NSX GT500 motor around Sierra on C/S?

    Cheers, Zo.
    numbnuts70 and Motorhead_51 like this.
  16. bnic11

    Aministrator Club GBRC

    Round 4 - Deep Forest Results

    Congrats to Zolon & Scenga on their wins & Numbnuts on taking the Championship.

    Pole : Numbnuts 1.15.891

    Race 1
    1. Zolon
    2. Nuts
    3. Clay (FL 1.15.911)
    4. Cokebloke
    5. Scenga (inc pitlane excersion)
    6. Vague
    7. Zeb
    8. Rams
    9. bnic11 (inc pitlane excersion)
    10. Jamie (inc pitlane excersion)
    11. Bibble
    12. Jimantonic (dc'd)

    Race 2
    1. Scenga
    2. Clay
    3. Rams
    4. Zolon
    5. Cokebloke
    6. Bnic11
    7. Jamie
    8. Vague
    9. Nuts (FL 1.16.7xx)
    10. Zeb

    Championship Standings & Round up will be posted up tonight
  17. bnic11

    Aministrator Club GBRC

  18. carlos77744

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    What a top championship you only have to look at last nights qualifying .6 separated1 to 8 racing was door to door close and the feedback on my wheel was awesome I could slide it on the edge
    Well done nuts a good comeback and nice one Bruce I hope my Honda championship can be half as good
    numbnuts70 and bnic11 like this.
  19. Bry_St3r

    Club GBRC

    I only managed two evenings got lapped twice on all races and spent a lot of time slipping and sliding


    I absolutely loved it

    Every credit to bnic11 and not forgetting everyone that took part and made it a very interesting first outing into the world of online racing.
  20. Race Admin

    Club GBRC

    Race Admin - Incidents under investigation at Deep Forest

    Race 2, Lap 4, Start / Finish straight into turn 1 - Jamie vs Numbnuts - Intentional blocking
    #240 Race Admin, Feb 9, 2015
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2015

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