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Rival club member who is also GBRC tops the Q, How Dare he We say!!!




    PAPPACLART submitted a new resource:

    GBRC In The News - Rival club member who is also GBRC tops the Q, How Dare he We say!!!

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    #1 PAPPACLART, Jul 9, 2014
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2014
  2. carlos77744

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Nice read pappa glad your still putting the effort in my q time will come and it wont be a stunner there is a few things going on including a good british summer and a world cup which has kept me away from the ps3 but nothing will keep me from the sunday night racing well only a holiday this leads me to this brutish question is gt dead as a sim racer I ask this as we have had a big down turn in gt6 recently my theary being the serious sim racers have legged it to the pc gt6 has just not got that cutting edge game play we expected I enjoy it but not enough to grind a time in a q meaning I cant spend hours like I used to grinding a time on the ps3 I am sure the q2 racing will be as good as it always has bin and good luck to all who compete .
    PAPPACLART likes this.
  3. RacingRoman23R

    ALV Club Admin Club ALV

    Great read Ryan and thanks for the mention. Maybe you should nick Tommyzoom's ps3 since he doesn't play GT6 anymore :rolleyes:

    Carlos I think you brought up a good (but very serious) point. I too am currently building a PC at the moment to start doing some sim racing on PC (iracing for example) but I think as a whole community the PS3 and GT6 family is still pretty large. As GT may have lost its touch as the outright racing simulator its vast car collection and an idea of one person or group (such as GBRC/ALV/THG etc...) can still make it a fun and enjoyable game
    PAPPACLART and mightylieven like this.


    Yeah, as always allot was expected of GT6 and the community has been let down. Many have grown tired or moved on to other games. I know that TAM have dropped their GT league and are only doing Asseto Corsa. There is still plenty of life in the ole GT community just less so now which is a shame. I am considering weather to diversify GTA into other sim racing games if the community here start to dabble in other offerings. To be honest games like Project Cars and Asseto Corsa look fantastic, and are certainly filling a void that GT has left wide open. The bog drawback of PC Sims has always been the incredible financial layout required to run the latest sims as well as a tech knowledge also which has put many off. PC sims in general have never been practical for the casual gamer, nor have the communities been as active or robust as GT. Now with PS4, games like Project Cars will be accessible to the masses in a pick up and play capacity, not sure if Asseto Corsa will come to PS4 but there is nothing stopping it. After all, we are about the racing and the community so for that to remain healthy we will of course do what ever we have to encourage that.
  5. mightylieven

    Club GBRC

    in my opinion, nothing compares to the GT series and especially where it has been going lately. I think every part they focus on, they get it absolutely right.

    it all started with the amount of cars and tracks back in the days with GT1-3. They never gave up on that. Look at how many tracks n cars we are driving. And how accurate they are... Yea there s the fuzz about the non-premiums. Kazu got me really smiling when he told not to give up on the cars that they don't have time to premiums... They got about 450 premiums by now anyways... Tracks. What console game delivers this amount of tracks at that level of accuracy? What PC game does if you take out the mods that mostly look terrible? PD GOT THAT RIGHT. FIA agrees lol.

    then their focus was on graphics. to me starting to really deliver with GT4. I think there s not 1 game that can touch the engine behind GT. yes, some have more detail or more polygons because of the power of the hardware, but the lighting, how the car touches the road, i can watch replays for hours just because of how it looks. PD GOT THAT RIGHT.

    next thing are the online lobbies. since GT5. if you see how other games are struggling to get the online experience right (the only exception might be iracing) i think they have it spot on. room for improvement but the basic idea and how it functions is just right. the lobby, being able to watch the race, setting it up,... PD GOT THAT RIGHT

    somewhere before GT6 i remember Kazunori talking about getting the physics right. well, the physics have made an essential step up to me. Tire grip, suspension, weight shifting. I m addicted to the feel of it since this installment. PD GOT THAT RIGHT.

    And now: It s a console game but what they have been doing recently to close the gap between real and virtual is amazing. I can feel the future. how they deliver is a standalone. to me, no game goes as deep as GT goes.

    Kazunori talking about getting the sound there for GT7? I believe him and I can't wait for it to come.

    so for sure, being a mac guy, i m thinking about having a PC and try Pcars n Assetto. I might like it as i deeply tried and quite liked the gaming aspect of forza 4. I might and I know I will. But my heart is with sunset at LeMans in GT6, my heart is with 10 different versions of the MX-5 and trying them all. my heart is with Kazunori and it will stay there.
  6. Niku Driver HC

    Club GBRC

    I'll put my 20 dollars (can't say 5 cents because this'll be long) on this GT issue:

    Now, Gran Turismo does a lot of things right, can't argue with that. There have been proper improvements that cannot be overlooked: The graphics are more smooth and the game did keep up with the consoles that it was released with. The car count keeps on getting larger by the day, with new vehicles that other games don't even consider. The physics improved leaps and bounces, perhaps due to the influence of a member of PD (can't remember the name now) that once worked for a certain game company known as Konami, and their GT-slayer attempt known as Enthusia Professional Racing. The game moves on with the times, and most of its features follow suit accordingly.

    But there are issues that cannot be overlooked, and they have been for quite sometime. Sure, having 10 or more MX5 variants sounds nice and dandy, but when 5 share the same exact specs, its hard to justify their presence over other different cars that aren't in the game. The single player is shallow at best, simply because it's barely challenging. The AI behaves decently, but they never put up a fight for long, unless you gimp yourself on purpose. Once you pass them, they stand back and are never seen again in your rear view mirrors. GT6 lacks many big game features, that were hyped with frequence on gaming events, and are mentioned in the back of the game's box. Where's the B-spec? Where's the improved Course Creator? And most important of all, where are those Community features that would boost the online mode, as well as clubs such as ours? Most people's patience has worn off from the waiting, or the fact that the game does not offer much of a challenge other than choosing a car to hot lap around tracks. I do have patience left in me, but even I'm getting somewhat worried. Don't get me wrong, I fondly respect PD and Mr. Yamauchi for their contribution to the gaming industry, but their product is looking dire in front of the new blood crews and their projects, such as Asseto and Project Cars. As an encyclopedia of cars and their history, few can match GT's power. But first and foremost, GT is a VIDEOGAME. The core of the game needs a lot of improvement before PD can even think of new groundbreaking ideas...
    GT_Phill likes this.
  7. GT_Phill

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    I do so love reading members points of view, more so when it's something we all have a common interest in. First you have to say to yourself lets take it back to basics.

    Gran Turismo 6 is marketed as "The real driving simulator" it says so on the front cover. It doesn't say console game or video game, so ones expectations should be heightened straight away. Ever since 1997 I've not been able to contain myself waiting for the next instalment to hit the shop floor.

    There's many great aspects in GT that other titles can not get close too, but there are still many or an equal amount of improvements that would make GT fantastic, it is so close to living up to the marketing name on the front cover but it's not quit there yet.

    The jury is still out on whether GT7 is going to mean a turn around in the miserable sales figures of GT6.

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