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Official Closed Event GBRC Q1 BMW Stock Car Challenge

Discussion in 'GBRC Current Season Official Events' started by mightylieven, Jan 12, 2014.

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  1. rams1de

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Zolon, your wheel is compatible with PC and will work with the latest version of Windows. I'm feeling a little temptation to move away from Gran Turismo but don't know what would be most suitable.

    Congrats on your clean sweep Lieven
  2. ejd_eire

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Oh no a GT rebellion.....
  3. Zolon32

    Club GBRC

    I've had a look at a couple of YouTube clips of races on Assetto ejd, and I've got to say they make the game look and sound very good indeed. I also like the fact that the hard setting for racing the AI is 'Alien Level'. Brilliant.

    However, they haven't even got an online facility yet which makes it only marginally worse than GT, but worse nonetheless.

    Cheers, Zo.
  4. carlos77744

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Funny this one z i was looking at i racing and what is required as i am also totaly fed up gt6 just has not any wow factor i even think it is a lot less a game than gt5 rendering is at its max with the ps3 a pc to run any off these sims looks like no more than 200 i am fairely sure pd has lost us all to these sims the ps3 hard ware aint up to it and why by a ps4 which looks like a pc i racing ticks all the boxes from what i have seen events cars tracks relistic pysics and dedicated servers ok you pay but id pay pd to sort this out .
  5. Fido996

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Being half term here, I've had no chance to see any replays of the past couple of races so I'm just going by what I can remember. Again, disconnections ruled and spoilt what could've been another good race. On the restart I got totally confused and thought that we were starting in the order from where we ended the first attempt. So I managed to demote myself a place from the start. Off we set, all getting cleanly around the first corner for the drag race up hill. Through we piled through the twists towards Skyline and it all started to bunch up again. Then I saw my opportunity to try and put a move on Coke. Coming onto the return down hill section,Coke seemed to get out of the corner a little slower than me, so I tried to go to the left and pass. Nigel started to cover his line and I was about to back off when we collided. Now I didn't think we were that close and we ended up touching. Not sure how much damage I did to his car but mine ended up with O/F wheel damage and an engine that just didn't want to work! The resulting trip to the pits was very slow. So, apologies for knock there Nigel. Think it was just me being impatient!

    For the next few laps I kept trying to run through different scenarios for pitting now that I'd made an un-scheduled visit, but in the end just went for my original plan of two but just go in one lap later each time. After the first stop I was just under a minute behind the leader with no idea what was going on elsewhere. So, head down and keep it between the white lines.

    After a while I started to make up a few places. Then I happened to glance up at my position and I saw I was third! How did that happen? I saw Jim drop out, but I still can't remember overtaking anyone. I was still in third when I made my last stop and a couple of laps later as I was coming past the pits I saw Calvin making his last visit. I hoped that I could hold him off until closer to the end, but this tyres were a couple of laps fresher and, oh yeah, he was soooo much quicker than me. Managed to force a mistake from him once, but he learns quick does Cal. He drafted me down the hill into the heavy braking area where I conceded second to him. Just wanted to get to the end in one piece! I had visions of repeating Sundays last lap with Maxx but never really felt fully in control with this car so I settled for third hoping to perhaps capitalise on any mistakes from Calvin. We ended the race about 1:15/16 behind an immaculate drive from MightyLieven.

    An outstanding drive from our host, not sure if anyone saw which way he went? I know I didn't!

    Its just a shame that we have such a great platform and it's become so random in the way it connects people together. Or not as the case maybe. Other developers seem to be able to do this side no problem at all. With PD it almost seems to be an after thought. I'd much rather they sorted this part out once and for all and forget any DLC for a while. JUST GET IT SORTED!

    Cheers to MightyLieven for another great event, looking forward to next weeks final event.

    Thanks for reading.
  6. mightylieven

    Club GBRC

    some remarks about the last race of the BMW challenge:

    -start time of the track will be set to 16u, speed will be set to 18 so there will be night racing.
    -there will be no penalty as always BUT: the replay of the race will be watched and every 3times the track limits are not respected, 10 seconds will be added to the finish time. of course a mistake is always possible, those won't count but gaining an advantage by cutting a corner or going 4 wheels outside the curbs will.
    -race will be 17 laps
    #146 mightylieven, Feb 24, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2014
  7. mightylieven

    Club GBRC

    chance of rain tonight at the infamous Le Mans! don't forget to bring your intermediates and full wets...

    looking forward to this classic.
  8. Clay.GT1372

    Club ALV

    looking forward to this one too lieven, haven't been on this track since GT5 but i promise ill finish this one on the track and not in the pits
  9. Zolon32

    Club GBRC

    Lieven, you'll be getting a FR from Redlinezak today, he's the chap who I am glued together with performance wise. He got my invite too late for last Thursday's event but would like to sub for me tonight, even though I've told him how tortuous these races are.

    I'll be there as a spectator again, I've even nipped out to buy a pair of night vision goggles to help. Hope I don't put him off.

    I had a word with my lad, who's a COD fanatic, to see if there was any chance he could come along and shoot your tyres out to give the rest a chance. It seems that it's too technically difficult.

    Never mind.

    Cheers, Zo.
  10. mightylieven

    Club GBRC

    There is a way Zo, there is a way...
  11. Jimantonic

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    The odds are against me making tonight, even if I do there is a chance I'll have to pull out early (ooh err missus), have fun if I don't make it chaps, looking forward to the reviews tomorrow!
  12. mightylieven

    Club GBRC

    aaaargh most frustrating race EVER.

    i got it all so well prepared. i had the pace, the right tires, the strategy was set, did a 1'38'3xx during warmup. ready ready ready.

    qualifying it felt so right. 1'38'9xx i was into beating your asses guys.

    but then...

    somehow i was asleep during the start. I didn't have my foot on the brake! how was that possible? I just didn't have my fucking foot on the brake. 4s penalty. and the new guy Redlinezak (thx a lot for standing in for Zo) crashing into me at full speed because i didn't move. Sorry Redline, quite an entry there! Somehow during that full lap with a completely damaged car I was still smiling and whistling. I knew the track so well, I would catch the guys again, sure there would be more mistakes from the others. but after the pitstop something was different. the car didn't feel right. didn't feel as I knew it before. was struggling with the handling, turning was different and as a result I was 6 seconds off my usual pace. not just 1 lap but all the laps with my first (well actually second) set of tires. but it got worse.
    as rain started to fall and I had to pit for new tires, I decided to go for intermediates, hoping it would be raining for a long time. by the time the track was wet enough, the intermediates had already had their best part, and then it just stopped raining. aaargh. so change of tires again. somehow instead of fitting the RM tires, the pit crew decided to put the RH on my F1. it took me another lap to find out why i didn't seem to be able to get closer to Steve. I thought if i just keep it tight, sit out on this set, i can gain a pitstop and maybe still get Calvin. then i noticed i couldn't because i didn't refuel completely so i ran out of gas... the only thing i could do was change again and then try to set a fastest lap in the last lap of the race. I mean, the last lap of the BMW stock car challenge.

    I love your dedication guys! love your gentlemen style! love your appreciation!

    thx and up for more...
    #153 mightylieven, Feb 27, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2014
  13. mightylieven

    Club GBRC

    btw great win Fido! smooth driving!

    and an amazing battle the opening laps with you, coke n clay!
    #154 mightylieven, Feb 27, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2014
  14. mightylieven

    Club GBRC

    the stats for the last race.

    Pole position:
    mightylieven 3'38'921

    Starting grid:
    1. mightylieven
    2. Fido996
    3. cokebloke
    4. Calvin_P93
    5. Tyrrell_1
    6. GT1372
    7. Redlinezak / Zolon32

    1. Fido996
    2. Calvin_P93
    3. mightylieven
    4. cokebloke
    5. GT1372
    6. tyrrell_1
    7. Redlinezak / Zolon32

    Fastest laps:
    1. mightylieven 3'42'575
    2. GT1372 3'43'453
    3. Calvin_P93 3'43'505
    4. cokebloke 3'44'859
    5. Fido996 3'45'197
    6. tyrrell_1 3'46'693
    7. Redlinezak 3'49'666
  15. mightylieven

    Club GBRC


    1. mightylieven - 153
    2. Calvin_P93 - 124
    3. Zolon32 - 102
    4. GT1372 - 084
    4. cokebloke - 084
    6. Fido996 - 081
    7. GBRC_JannerJim - 075
    8. tyrrell_1 - 056
    9. Rer_Maddmaxx - 050
    10. maktrusa - 015
    11. Muttz-Nexus - 012
    12. Sprockutt - 011
    13. ejd_IRE - 009

    congrats all for being part of this series and on to the next one!
    #156 mightylieven, Feb 27, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2014
  16. Fido996

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    What a way to end a series. Full damage, day/night racing, unpredictable weather, proper sports cars and all at the iconic Le Mans circuit.

    An inspired choice for qualifying meant it was just the driver and his abilities against the clock. No outside influence like slipstreaming to be taken advantage of. The only thing I didn't like about it was that you're not given a difference at each split. So you have to drive round trying to remember a couple of split times for reference. Not the best solution considering the size and speed of the track! Not that it mattered much, no-one was getting anywhere near Lieven's time. Superb lap!

    The other thing I found a little disconcerting is watching cones and bollards flying off into the air for no apparent reason twenty foot in front of your car. Just reminded me of something from Ghostbusters!

    Anyway, onto the main event. The race started in glorious sunshine. Lieven seemed to jump the start and gained a penalty for doing so. He was then collected by Redlinezak. A long drive back to the pits for repairs followed. At the front it was Coke, Calvin and myself setting off for the first drag race from Tertre Rouge to the Playstation chicane. I think the slipstreaming may have caught Calvin out as he suddenly went from one side of the track to the other, bouncing off the armco. It was at this point that I realised that my set up was out. I'd gone for handling at the expense of straight line speed. I could keep up and draw along side Coke but then he'd just keep pulling away enough to stop any overtaking chance. So, I had to play a waiting game and hope for a mistake to make the pass. This took a lonnnggg time. I was even toying with the idea of changing strategy and come in a lap early to hopefully get ahead. In the end I decided to stick with my original plan. Lap six was my first major mistake. Trying to brake heavily with an unsettled car caused the back end to try and get into the corner first and I ended up trying to reverse though what would've been Coke's passenger door. Contact seemed fairly heavy but luckily no damage to either car ( at least according to my replay ). So i hung on behind him just to make sure he was fine and without damage and found that I couldn't keep up! So I thought "OK, game on!" and started to try and haul back the time. Then, coming out of Arnage I saw my chance. Coke ran a little wide onto the wet grass leaving me enough room on the exit to get past. I then pulled away through the Porsche Curves and into the pits for my first stop with about a four second gap. Coming out this gap appeared to increase dramatically even though I'd taken on a full tank of fuel. I had also decided to stay on slicks as the track didn't seem to be getting wet very quick. It was about this time that I noticed a lack of performance with the car. It was 5/6 mph down on the straights. This got worse as the race went on. I checked at the end and it was running 622pp. A loss of 8pp!

    So, back to the race. It was now just a case of head down and put in consistent times until my next stop. And I almost did it! Coming down into Mulsanne, braking for the ninety degree right and back on the power and OOPS! Spun it into the barrier! Theres now damage to the drivers side front, but with half a lap to go for my next scheduled stop, I was anxiously watching the map to see if I was being caught. By time that I'd come out of the pits Tyrrell was about fifteen seconds behind. I just concentrated on staying on track and trying to keep to the dry line. The car was feeling really slow by now. Almost nine seconds a lap slower than my qualifying time. I was telling myself "just stay on the track" for the last five laps.

    This was a really enjoyable race and series. I took my time getting to grips with it and learning a different car each week. Plus getting used to some new drivers as well. Cheers for making it so competitive.

    Thanks to MightyLieven for taking the time and putting the format all together. Works really well!

    Thanks for reading!

    (A bit long, I know, but thanks anyway :) )
  17. Calvin_P93

    Club GBRC

    Great race last night well done to Fido who had a top class drive and took home the win.
    Never done more than a whole lap on Le Mans before this race and being honest i wasent the biggest fan of this track but after some practice before quali i was starting to engoy it with enought time on the straights to make a cup of tea and have a short phone call i decided to sacrafice corner speed for straight line speed, all felt good i was close with lievens fastest time only afew tents off. Quali was a ball of fun, my first lap and i was on a quickun but i made a large mistake and got damage :( got repaired and came around for my last lap i would get but i just couldent drive the car it was as if there was half the grip avaliable as there was in practice. Race got under way and lieven got an unlucky start, bumped myself upto 3rd behind coke and fido. coming upto the first chicane had a huge slipstream, got on the brakes and the car dove to the inside and bang lots of damage from the armco barrier. hobbled my way back to the pits and got underway again over a minute behind, was chasing the race from there and couldent settle into a nice rythm and was 5 seconds off my practice pace.

    The rain came and i was really unsure what to do with stratagey i endid up pitting when the rain was at its heaviest and opted for inters, the car didint feel nice atall, understeer and oversteer to beat the band was like she had a mind of her own. I soldiered on and found myself in 3rd and then afew laps to the end i looked up and i was in second how did that happen i thought and afew seconds later i saw tyrrell pulled over, ahhh i c i said must have got critical undrivable damage, wasent complaining tho lol.

    Brought her home in second just about, awsome awsome drive by Fido well done buddy. really enjoyed this series and even tho it was such a tough frustrating race at Le Mans its now one of my new fav tracks, fair play to the lads that actually race around there in real life cant imagine the concentration and skill it must take.

    Thanks to Lieven for this great series. Roll on the next one.

    Peace :peace:
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