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Happy Christmas

Discussion in 'GBRC Chit Chat' started by cokebloke, Dec 24, 2018.

  1. cokebloke

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Happy Christmas guys,

    Thanks to you all for the fun and laughs you give me through the year it really means a lot to me , hope you all have a great time and let 2019 continue to give us all the fun of racing. together.

    Cheers lads have a great Christmas and a great new year.
  2. Motorhead_51

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Happy Holidays guys!

    I know I have been infrequent with my visits lately but I do miss it very much. Along with Nigel, I appreciate every 2 hours I got to spend with you all this year.

    I hope you have great times with your family and friends this next weekends and best of luck in 2019!

    Race On!
  3. Lunchbox

    Lunchbox GBRC Founder
    Aministrator Club GBRC

    Happy Christmas guys have a great day.
    Thanks for the racing, chat and piss taking.


    Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all had a great Xmas and wish you all a fantastic New Year!
  5. Motorhead_51

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Cheers Ryan, my friend from the future:p

    Hope yours was a fine one!
    Robabt111, Jimantonic and cokebloke like this.
  6. Jimantonic

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Hope you all had a good one and continue to do so into the new year.
    Robabt111, cokebloke and Lunchbox like this.

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