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Official Closed Event [Jun 21, 2015] JULY CUP #2 -- GT3 (gurizzi)

Discussion in 'GT3 Club Official Events' started by gurizzi, Jun 16, 2015.

You can not signup for this event...

This event has already begun, or has already passed; RSVP has been since closed.
JULY CUP #2 -- GT3
Signups: 9
Posted By : gurizzi
Start: Jun 21, 2015 11:00 AM
End: Jun 21, 2015 12:00 PM
Time Zone: America/Los_Angeles -07:00 PDT
The following Races have signed up "No":
  1. xX-BOOJI-Xx

    GT3 Club

    Good race today from the GT3 Club! Kinda missed @gurizzi due to him not being able to attend this race, probably because today is Father's Day, so yeah. I'll leave a race report shortly!
  2. xX-BOOJI-Xx

    GT3 Club


    Another good race from the GT3 Club today! Something unusual was that our host @gurizzi could not attend today's race, and I don't want to jump to any speculation or anything, but since today is Father's Day he probably wanted to go visit with his Dad today, and I can't blame him on that!

    Due to this our great friend @BLADErunner80 was given the honor to host and direct the race! Let us see how everything went down!


    Qualifying was very decent and smooth, as I managed to get 6th place with a time of 1:59.417.


    Now then, since @BLADErunner80 was hosting this, the early ladder of this race was a lag train. On lap 1 I had an accidental hit with BMW teammate pguy21 (a random non-signed up person) due to the lag, who later said 'fu booji' after this race, but we apoligized for what we did and why.
    So I pitted, and me being the #tireidiot with me starting on RM tires I switched to RH tires!

    Skipping along to my second pit stop I changed to RM tires and got a full tank of gas. This pit stop got me lapped by BurnerTheLegend, who at the time was leading the race.

    As others pitted when I was catching up, I passed them with ease.

    It was nearing the end of the race, and I was getting low on tire grip and gas, so I had no other choice but to make one final stop to get me to the end of the race, getting a fresh set of RM tires and a splash of gas to get to the end.

    Just like last week, I finished in the same spot I qualified in, which was 6th, which was not to bad of a finish!


    This race was kinda bland, but still fun to do just to have a good time! We were actually interrupted more than once by one of Burner's friends TNR, who joined and left 3 times and texted once during the race, which of course was very distracting, and that's what caused me to get my first suspension way back at Spa during the March Cup!

    Congrats to BurnerTheLegend for winning this race! I might not be able to participate Ascari next week since it'll be a busy week, and idk if I will make it to a practice session. We will just have to wait and see!
    gurizzi likes this.
  3. gurizzi

    GT3 Club GT3 Club Admin

    Hello, ALL ! --

    Thanks to ALL who participated and finished this GT3 Club event!

    - I would also like thank @BLADErunner80 for stepping in last minute to host and direct this event. Great job!

    - I missed this event do to a family matter, nothing to do with 'fathers day'... my Dad is a real man and doesn't need me to buy him some junk one day a year for him to understand he does a good job and I love him lol.

    - So, on to the next event! CUP #3 will be a great race! why? well, Ascari is one of the best tracks in GT6 ! Last CUP event we did here...(if my memory serves me right...) Blade was leading, ran out of fuel on the last lap and Alfa_Avanti44 won the race by only .2 ! This time around we will have a damp start and the chance of the weather clearing up! I did some weather settings testing yesterday with some public players, mad_gamer09 & GTMX-Oscar, it was very nice! So, if you are interested in checking out whats coming up, (as always) go to the Club lobby, load settings: JULY CUP #3 and let us knw how it went!

    good stuff all!
  4. gurizzi

    GT3 Club GT3 Club Admin

    Points Standings after CUP #2

    1. RP892012 - 28 points
    2. HEMIata - 25 points
    3. Burner - 25 points
    4. BLADErunner80 - 20 points
    5. thermite_917 - 20 points
    6. brr383 - 18 points
    7. fly - 16 points
    8. Lewmatic12 - 14 points
    9. BoojiBoyTravis - 12 points
    10. Franky_Smalls - 11 points
    11. pguy21 - 9 points

    Transfer up-date: (see post #1)

    • BLADE {+2}
    • FRT_Sick {+1}
    • Travis {+4}

  5. xX-BOOJI-Xx

    GT3 Club

    Hooray!!! 1 more transfer away from being an AM! :D
    gurizzi likes this.
  6. gurizzi

    GT3 Club GT3 Club Admin

    - Yep! you have done good to get this close! but don't forget, Travis! it only takes one poor etiquette event to go right back down! its an on going performance of clean driving and great etiquette to keep it going up!
    Gregson likes this.

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