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Official Closed Event [Mar 20, 2016] GBRC PCars - Road & Race Series (bnic11)

Discussion in 'GBRC Current Season Official Events' started by bnic11, Jan 3, 2016.

You can not signup for this event...

This event has already begun, or has already passed; RSVP has been since closed.
GBRC PCars - Road & Race Series
Signups: 0
Posted By : bnic11
Start: Mar 20, 2016 08:00 PM
End: Mar 20, 2016 10:00 PM
Time Zone: Europe/London +00:00 GMT
  1. bnic11

    Aministrator Club GBRC

    GBRC Road & Race Series - Round 2 results

    Race 1 (Mustang GT) Pole : Fido 2.0.4xx
    1. Fido
    2. Cokebloke
    3. Jim
    4. Motorhead
    5. Scenga
    6. DrCooper
    7. Bnic11

    Race 2 (Mustang Boss GT4) Pole - Fido 1.51.9xx
    1. Fido
    2. Cokebloke
    3. Motorhead
    4. Scenga
    5. Jim
    6. DrCooper
    7. Bnic11

    Championship Standings after Round 2
    1. Fido = 43pts
    2. Motorhead = 32pts
    3. Cokebloke = 28pts
    4. Scenga = 25pts
    = bnic11 = 25pts
    5. DrCooper = 20pts
    6. Jim = 14pts
    7. Zeb = 13pts

    Well done to Steve for a total clean sweep, two poles, two wins. Well done also to both Nigel & Kevin for some cracking drives & also Jim , who quickly got into the swing of things with two good drives. One of those nights for me - never got to grips with the road car, but felt better with the race car until I had to pullover because of distractions at home (kids, dead mobile, dad's taxi etc:mad:)

    Seems like the DC's & PSN problems may have stopped ?????

    I'm hoping the next round @ the Nurb GP should be a cracker....... a combination of a well known track & very predictable handling in the BMWs could provide some much needed close racing.
    Motorhead_51, Fido996 and cokebloke like this.
  2. cokebloke

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Enjoyed last night and must say was pleased with my finishing positions, my biggest problem was who's silly idea was it to have Mother's Day in a pub......
    Race one soon settled down with Steve out in front and Jim in second , they were both flying so I settled in 3rd and just tried to keep up with them until suddenly came round a corner to find Jim had spun, unlucky Jim you were doing well, that put me in second with not many laps left my tyres were going off and I could see Jim catching again so just kept calm and didn't push it and managed to hold on to second.
    Race two was almost the same Steve up front but this time Kevin in second, again I settled into third, blow me next thing Kevs had an off I find myself in second again.
    After the casuals being public it was such a pleasure to race with members where you know everyone is good on track, particularly that track as think it now ranks as one of my favourites.
    Thanks for hosting Bruce and look forward to next week
    Motorhead_51 likes this.
  3. Fido996

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    I think the Ginettas we raced a couple of weeks back around here helped me enormously. I found a good rhythm early on for both cars. Both seemed to use very similar braking points. However, the difference between this GT4 and the Ginette GT4 are miles apart. With this Mustang you had to brake a lot earlier to make a decent corner and keep it under control. Also it would take no abuse whatsoever, unlike the Ginetta. I must admit, with these two cars, I never totally felt like I was ever in full control at any time. I'd tightened up the road car as best I could but it would still wallow in the corners and the back end would start to skip about under power. But I kept them both pointing in the direction that they were meant to go for both races, which always helps.

    The room seemed to be a lot more stable this week, although I saw that Dr got dc'd early on. And it was good to see Jim back on track. You haven't lost any of your speed.

    Thanks to Bruce for hosting once again, very much appreciated. And congratulations to all the podium finishers as well. Just wish I could've saved the replays to watch later.

    Oh well, one thing at a time I suppose.....;)
    Motorhead_51 and cokebloke like this.
  4. Jimantonic

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Having only practiced during Sunday for last night, and a brief session at that I was actually struggling with the road car more than the race car, being 3+ seconds down on Kev and Steve's TT time, so to bag 2nd in qualifying was a real shock to me.
    Something seemed to click with the car and from then on I was relatively comfortable with it.
    However, quite late on I took my eyes off the ball to try to assess the tyres having only done a max stint of 5 laps during the day, and got it all wrong and span quite spectacularly giving second place to Nige on a plate!
    Said to myself that third is respectable given my lack of seat time so tried to keep consistant and make the tyres last, but then I noticed to gap to Nige getting smaller so decided to go sh*t or bust and push until the end.
    Caught up with a lap or two to go and almost had the run on Nige into the chicane, but honour above victory saw that both of us wouldn't make it without contact so I backed off and went straight on, hoping that backing off would cancel the time penalty and I could push again for the rest of the race, but it wasn't so and had to watch Nige zip off whilst forced to dawdle along.

    The second race was a disaster, didn't realise that quali WAS quali and not practice (even though Bruce pointed it out!) so did a few laps, reset the settings, another lap, changed some settings and another half a lap before starting at the back for the race!
    From then on I picked up a few places from others misfortunes then promptly gave them back with a spin of my own!

    Caught up to Dr and Carl to have what seemed to be a spin off competition to see who could do the most or the best!
    Had a few good moments of racing along the way though!

    Thanks to Bruce for hosting etc., shame you had to miss out on the fruits of your own labour!
    cokebloke, Motorhead_51 and Fido996 like this.
  5. carlos77744

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    My night was a disaster I currently can't get motavaited to test and set the cars up so it showed last night both races still had some good racing with Jim in the second race inbettwen spinning bring in the next race hopefully I can get on the pace
  6. Fido996

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    I'll be having a go later with these new Beemers. I haven't looked at the road car yet, but I know the Touring Car fairly well. It's got teeth if you're not weary.

    It's one of those cars where everything feels great for a while. You start getting used to it and so you start pushing. This is when the problems start. When the back isn't skipping under protest it'll slide. And it'll keep sliding until you're facing the wrong way wondering what the hell just happened.

    But it's a deceptive car. The fast laps don't feel quick at all. It's not until you see the time and you'll look almost in disbelief. It's these laps that make all the skipping and sliding worth while.
    Motorhead_51 likes this.
  7. Motorhead_51

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Having a hard time with it myself......

    From the center off the corner and off, it will get a little bit sideways, then keeps going, and going, and gone...... I did manage a time not far off from you Steve in the Community TT, but it was the one lap I kept it on track. Like you said... I pushed like hell, bombed it then took a nice slow lap to regroup, and wait a minute. When did I do that?

    Quite an adjustment after wheeling the Ford Fusion around.....
    cokebloke likes this.
  8. Motorhead_51

    Club GBRC Senior Member


    A little help if you need...... I was going out of my mind. I like to set up my own stuff but hit a brick wall with this car(320TC). Hope it helps. Miagi did well and the name of the setup says it all.
    cokebloke likes this.
  9. Motorhead_51

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Any problems finding it, let me know..... Hope I did the link right.

    Project cars setup database

    View "Good Balance - More Stable Rear" setup by miagi
    All brands
    Fido996 likes this.
  10. Jimantonic

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Did you stick with the offset front tyre pressures Kev, or settle for the highrr or lower of the two?
  11. Motorhead_51

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    I couldn't figure if it was a typo or something for Hockenhiem....... Remember we kept burning that one front tire at one off those races?.... I just evened it at 1.45 bar
    Jimantonic likes this.
  12. cokebloke

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Don't know if I'm right or wrong but at 1.45 bar my tyres were running well over 100 deg so increased pressure to bring temperature down to a constant ish 90 deg thinking the tyres would last a little longer at a lower temperature.
    What are members thoughts please
  13. Motorhead_51

    Club GBRC Senior Member


    After about an 8 lap run my tires were at
    192 F 190F
    192.F 194F

    Nearly 90 C..... Maybe a different driving style?

    That should work Nigel, though. Confirm it though.
  14. bnic11

    Aministrator Club GBRC

    Found this setup totally undrivable with a pad....... rear end loose on braking and spins out so easy. Much better on default but I'm 4 seconds off the pace in both cars so once again looks like a lonely race for me tomorrow
    Motorhead_51 likes this.
  15. Motorhead_51

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Well I would imagine the pad would be a tad bit different. And I suppose that even on a wheel it may not be optimal for everybody.... But I took a liking to it and threw it out there. Thanks for trying though Bruce.;)
  16. Motorhead_51

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Ahhh, makes me smile.......

    You know it's comin up on St. Patrick's Day here in USA? A so called Irish holiday..... St. Patrick wasn't even Irish. Corned Beef is not on the Irish palat.... WTF?

    Leave it up to us Americans to make it our own and screw it all up!

    Where is EJ when you need him!
    cokebloke likes this.
  17. cokebloke

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Good clip Kevin but even better music Moorhead were playing 5 miles from where I live last year but I couldn't get
    tickets for love or money.....not going to get another chance now though.
    Motorhead_51 likes this.
  18. cokebloke

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Well done to everyone last night especially the winners.
    Had little or no time to really test the cars and with lots going onand things on my mind just didn't feel it, shame as they were good cars and one of my favourite tracks but it didn't happen for me.
    Hopefully I will do better next week
    Motorhead_51 likes this.
  19. Motorhead_51

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Great show last night Bruce!

    Have to say, I was stressed out by the time the lights went out for race one. Got kicked from my own lobby three times before joining Bruce's lobby. Right off the bat, I got DC'd from His lobby as well:mad: That was it though. Bruce opened a new room and that was the last of it!
    Then jumped out for practice in the road car and it was not the car I remembered! I have a miserable habit of driving calm, cool, and easy at practice, then come race day I drive harder and much closer to the edge. Was getting to zealous with that brake pedal..... After one clean lap in TT, I went 5% less on brake pressure. Should have gone ten plus 5% toward front bias.......

    It was a battle of the ages in race one though! I shall remember this race for sometime.... Bruce, Carl, and myself had some pretty tight action back behind Steve, who jumped out for a quick lead. I remember getting very close to Steve and he spinning (admin have a look) and remember having a bunch of fun, but most of it was a blur.....There was a lot going on! Enjoyed it immensely!!!!!!!

    Race two was a surprise. I was close to where I should have been for TT, but Steve and Carl jumped out front nearly a second faster:confused: And the start of the race Steve was gone and so to would have been Carl, if it weren't for that trademark BMW slowest spin ever..........Early in the race, lap 3 maybe? Come down the front straight and Steve is in the pits! What a lucky chain of events, for me anyway! After that it was pretty cut and dry. Keep it on track, hit my marks, keep a push on but not to much.

    Thank you gentlemen for the enjoyment this weekend! It was great to dice it out with you Bruce and Carl, had lots of fun! And thank you for hosting Bruce, great combo.
    Fido996 likes this.
  20. bnic11

    Aministrator Club GBRC

    GBRC Road & Race Series - Round 3 results (BMW)

    Race 1 (BMW M1 Coupe) Pole : Scenga 2.14.8xx
    1. Scenga
    2. Motorhead
    3. Fido
    4. DrCooper
    5. Bnic11
    6. Cokebloke

    Race 2 (BMW 320TC) Pole - Scenga 2.7.1xx
    1. Motorhead
    2. Fido
    3. Bnic11
    4. Scenga
    5. Cokebloke
    6. DrCooper

    Championship Standings after Round 2
    1. Fido = 60pts
    2. Motorhead = 51pts
    3. Scenga = 44pts
    4. Cokebloke = 39pts
    = bnic11 = 39pts
    5. DrCooper = 32pts
    6. Jim = 14pts
    7. Zeb = 13pts

    Congratulations to Carl & Kevin on their wins. Great to see a few different winners - its strange how different members prefer different cars . Tired my best to do 'a Derek' & make people work hard to pass me even though my pace was not all that good ;)

    Next week is the final round at Hockeniem GP in the RUF Road car & GT3 car :eek:

    On a downward note, its a shame we only had 6 runners, but its getting to a stage where I think we should maybe look at going back to Casual Racing & try out a few more ideas / cars / tracks and look at getting more members before doing anymore Championships
    Motorhead_51, cokebloke and Fido996 like this.

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