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Official Closed Event [Mar 22, 2015] March CUP #5 - P1/PC & GT3 (gurizzi)

Discussion in 'GT3 Club Official Events' started by gurizzi, Mar 17, 2015.

You can not signup for this event...

This event has already begun, or has already passed; RSVP has been since closed.
March CUP #5 - P1/PC & GT3
Signups: 14
Posted By : gurizzi
Start: Mar 22, 2015 08:00 AM
End: Mar 22, 2015 09:00 AM
Time Zone: America/Los_Angeles -07:00 PDT
The following Races have signed up "Wildcard":

The following Races have signed up "No":
  1. Gregson

    GT3 Club GT3 Club Admin

    Gregsahne33's Race Report

    Q: 12th overall, 5th in class (GT3)
    Qualifying went well. I was debating on if I should pit and get another set of RMs, but decided to stay out for the whole stint to see how the tire wear was. It was not bad and I finished with a decent time about 0.7s off my best from the week. 5th in class was where I thought I'd start. All in all, a good showing.

    R: 8th overall, 3rd in class
    What a fun race! As Thermite said the first turn was uneventful and it looked like we all came through very well and unscathed. I tried to stay towards the middle as I think I had Thermite on the outside and Tijee down the inside. Eau Rouge was taken probably faster than I had all week in practice, hitting 150 on the exit which gave me an excellent run down the inside of Thermite down the Kemmel straight, but then I made a crucial mistake by braking WAY too late and nearly running into the back of Bobby on the entrance of Les Combes. To counteract this, I cut right and overshot the entry putting me into the infield and giving me not 1, but 2(!!!) 3 second penalties. Now at this point it was lap 1 and I said to myself, "Just calm down, it's the first lap." Well I didn't do that as I turned in easily my worst lap of the week. I knew I had a fast car so I just settled on lap 2 and tried to reel in anyone I could. Tijee was first up and I passed him close to the middle of lap 2. Then I caught up to RP and got him near the start of lap 3. FRT was after that and then Franky, but at this point I had used a LOT of my tires so I needed to back off a bit, but keep the pressure up. At this point I really thought I had a chance to claw my way up into the top pack of GT3s as I was catching Gappa on 2 straight laps on the Pit straight. But then he was gone and my tires were toast so I settled in for a few more laps before pit stop #1 around the 42 minute remaining mark.

    The second stint was a completely new experience as I had done zero testing on RH tires. It was an exploration in how to drift. Haha. Lap 1 on the RHs was around 2:22, then a 2:21.5, then a 2:20.8. I thought, "Huh I'm whittling a bunch of time off, let's push it!" Well It worked and I got a 2:19.9 at one point on RHs and I was very happy with that and I caught Bobby a bit after Gappa passed me, but not enough to make a serious run as it was nearing the end of the second stint. I thought I was in control and had a nice 5th place GT3 spot in hand when suddenly Fred dropped! :eek: Fred, I feel you buddy. Happened to me last week and I completely know how that feels. Granted I was not in the lead at N24h, it was still incredibly frustrating. This placed me in 4th and I thought great, I can drive this home in one piece to a nice little finish. Pit #2 with 19 minutes left and plenty of RM tire to make a good run. Then, disaster struck. I misjudged the entrance to the left hander at the start of the uphill section of Eau Rouge and I hit the wall...HARD! :confused: :( It was left front damage and it was gnarly. Somehow, my engine and left rear remained uninjured. So on Kemmel I assess the damage and for a second I thought I could possibly drive it home, but on the entrance to Les Combes I realized that was a pipe dream. I had to come in. For a 3rd Stop. Crud.

    Well I came in and I was fully expecting to be passed by FRT and Franky. I wasn't and as I exited the pits, FRT came around and passed me! The battle for 4th was on! FRT got a good run on me and pulled away on the outlap as my tires were cold and needed to warm up for proper grip. This resulted in yet ANOTHER 3 second penalty at Les Combes for late braking and overshooting the entrance. Then a mild spin and I was about 7-9 seconds behind. Lap 2 out of the final pit saw me get back on track and knock what looked like 2-3 seconds off. FRT's tires must have been worn as I was catching at that rate the next 2 laps. ~6:00 left I made the pass for 3rd! Wait 3rd?! I hadn't noticed, but Bobby had come in for another stop and I had shot past into 4th during the running down of FRT. At this point, lap 23, I ran the fastest lap I had all week at a 2:17.7xx. I was dialed in and brought it home carefully after I almost lost it on the last lap on the right hander coming out of Stavelot into Paul Frere. 3rd place finish! Couldn't believe it. I'm extremely pumped with that finish and was my best upper class finish yet! Glad the weather held off :cool:

    P1, huge compliments to all of you as you executed very timely and gentlemanly passes on straights and on inside of turns. We all have very good driving skill and it really shows. Well done all and congrats to Thermite and Blade on their well deserved class wins!
    #141 Gregson, Mar 23, 2015
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2015
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  2. gurizzi

    GT3 Club GT3 Club Admin

    Hello, ALL ! ---

    Thanks to ALL for participating in this GT3 Club event!

    Great drive, BLADErunner80 & thermite_917
    - Q: I had a good Q session, could have turned a better lap, but not bad at all. I started 3rd o/a.

    - R: Start was great, HEMI, Blade and I already had a nice gap before turn1 so it was east to just stroll through nice and safe! I was able to make a pass on Blade down the first straight and take second. I was just trying to settle in and wait for something to happen, THEN!! a bug of some type( maybe a nat?) started flying near my face at end of lap 2 or 3 and I moved my head to the left to avoid it, it then flew right back twords my other eye so I moved again and this forced me to make a mistake on corner exit!! :mad::mad::mad::oops::oops::oops::mad::mad::mad:. I barely saved the car from spinning but I also caused Blade and constructr to stack up. IM VERY SORRY! After this Blade and I had a good battle until the first pit-stop where I put RH on and took full fuel.

    - During the second stint I was passing lappers in the GT3 Class and everyone did an amazing job! very easy! During this stint it was dark for a while and I had a little spin on my own just getting bored, luckily no damage!. I made my 3rd pit-stop putting RM back on and took about 35L of fuel. This was a mistake! I should have taken about 50L. I was short on fuel and had to stop for a splash with about 4min left in the event. :oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::eek:o_O:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::mad::mad::(:confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::oops:. Luckily I still held on to 3rd in class and it was a very fun event!!!
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  3. BLADErunner80

    GT3 Club GT3 Club Admin

    Was unsure i could make it for this race, hence my "wildcard" status, so went into the race with no strategy and mostly ran practice laps in the GT3 category, (i don't know why, i knew i would be in P1 :confused:).

    Q 2nd:
    A good lap, not my best but luckily gurizzi was slower than his best too and although extremely close i managed to keep second place behind Hemi.

    R 1st:

    The first turn is uneventful i hold the outside line and remain 2nd, but being cautious thru Eau Rouge enables gurizzi to breeze past me down the Kemmel straight, i could have chosen to make things difficult and move to hold the inside line to the next turn, but lap one didn't seem the right time to risk going two wide into Les Combes (flashbacks to the F1 race).

    Lap two and a repeat of lap one as i build up my confidence with the Toyota thru Eau Rouge, Constructr goes past me long before braking for Les Combe, but in sector two my car shows its grip pulling back up to third placed Constructr i stay close ready to try for a re-pass on the long run down to the Bus Stop. But just ahead gurizzi has run wide onto the kerb at Paul Frere and is fishtailing as he struggles to wrestle back control, immediately in front of me Contructr appears to have the exact same incident possible trying to avoid gurizzi, were so close at this point i cant react quick enough and contact is made with the rear of Constructr's car as he fishtails then darts wildly off to the left onto the large run off area.

    With double front suspension damage the car feels strange but not particularly unbalanced, mostly feel a slight loss in front grip at high speed, and very bouncy in low speed turns i can easily live with it so decide to stay out.

    Now follows many many laps of great battles with gurizzi and myself, first fighting for second place then after Hemi pits early, we battle for the lead which changes hands several times, all good, clean, fast and close, and with a constant smile on my face, particularly as we start to battle thru traffic, thank you gurizzi!
    (I can't do it justice here so if interested i suggest you watch the replay)

    Pitting from 1st with about 37 mins to go still in the heat of battle with gurizzi, i fill up the tank and fit another set of RM's figuring ill leave RH tires to my final shorter stint, or if the rain comes i won't have lost time on the slower tire.
    gurizzi pits right behind me and loses time and i gain a few seconds on him here.

    This stint goes well with Hemi again several seconds ahead in 1st place, having pitted early i knew his strategy was compromised, and with gurizzi falling back possibly on RH tires i just concentrate on my pace looking after my tires and fuel rather than trying to reel in the gap to 1st. And when Hemi has to make his second stop i regain the lead of the race.

    Pitting for my second stop with around 10 mins left and no rain in sight i put on the RH tires and half a tank of fuel and rejoin just as Hemi passes the pit exit, after a couple laps Hemi has to pit for a third time and the lead is mine again.

    As the clock ticks down i was a little cruel not slowing down a little and cross the line with 4 seconds left forcing people to do another lap, thankfully it didn't mess up the GT3 lead as Thermite was the only one 2 laps down so despite crawling over the line out of fuel maintained his excellent class victory.

    Also big thanks to all the GT3 runners who made the race so good, all very alert and smart driving making each pass simple and clean.
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  4. xX-BOOJI-Xx

    GT3 Club

    Well, I didn't want to say this, but yesterday our family said goodbye to our dog Micah. He would've been 16 this Saturday, but he didn't make it in time. Please pray for me as I am taking this very hard right now, since he was the only dog I had known my whole life ever since my Mom brought me home from the hospital at 3 days old. He taught me how to love dogs, and saved my life from suffocating one time. He was 15-3/4 years old and his breed was a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. image.jpg
    R.I.P: March 28, 1999 - March 23, 2015 :(
    gurizzi likes this.
  5. thermite_917

    GT3 Club Admin

    Awww RIP Micah. I know how hard it is to lose a pet. Happened to me a few times. Thoughts are with you and your family.
    Tijee likes this.
  6. gurizzi

    GT3 Club GT3 Club Admin

    - Same. Sorry, Travis. These things happen...
    Tijee likes this.
  7. gurizzi

    GT3 Club GT3 Club Admin

    Hello, ALL !! --

    I got a late start on the up-dates today. I'm gonna get some food then ill be up-dating points, transfers & CUP #6 sign-up.

    coming soon.....
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  8. xX-BOOJI-Xx

    GT3 Club

    NOW A YELLOW JACKET GETS IN THE ROOM WHERE MY PS3 IS! EDIT: It's not a Yellow Jacket, it's some kind of paper wasp.
    #148 xX-BOOJI-Xx, Mar 24, 2015
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2015
  9. Constructr

    GT3 Club

    Kill it.
  10. gurizzi

    GT3 Club GT3 Club Admin

    March CUP through CUP #5 -- Points + Transfers:

    P1 Class:

      • gurizzi - 43 points
      • HEMIata - 34 points
      • brr383 - 34 points
      • constructr - 32 points
      • ZERODUCK1 - 25 points
      • BLADErunner80 - 25 points
      • gibbsgto - 18 points
      • BigDaddy_Vic63 - 18 points
      • Lewmatic12 - 16points
      • TNR_5zigen - 16 points
      • FRT_Sickwithit - 12 points

    GT3 Class:

      • thermite_917 - 79 points
      • weazel_pnay - 75 points
      • Gappasson - 74 points
      • Fred_dude - 59 points
      • BobbyDazzler2009 - 46 points
      • gurizzi - 39 points
      • Gregsahne33 - 28 points
      • Tijee31 - 26 points
      • BLADErunner80 - 20 points
      • gibbsgto - 18 points
      • GoochBurn - 16 points
      • Flash_Noddy - 14 points
      • FRT_Sickwitit - 12 points
      • Franky-smalls - 11 points
      • RP892012 - 10 points

    GTD Class:

      • brr383 - 60 points
      • Lewmatic12 - 52 points
      • RP892012 - 40 points
      • gibbsgto - 38points
      • Flash_Noddy - 32 points
      • Tijee - 27 points
      • gurizzi - 25 points
      • constructr - 20 points
      • FRT_Sickwitit - 18 points


    BLADE80 {+2}
    gurizzi {+1}
    HEMI {+1}
    BobbyDazzler2009 {+1}
    greg33 {+1}
    FRT_Sickwitit {+AM}
    franky-smalls {+1}
    Tijee, Gregson and Gappasson like this.
  11. Gappasson

    GT3 Club

    Wow top 3 GT3 drivers within 5 points!
    ...and of course Fred, who should be able to earn some points in the upcoming races :rolleyes:
    Tijee and gurizzi like this.
  12. Gregson

    GT3 Club GT3 Club Admin

  13. xX-BOOJI-Xx

    GT3 Club

    It wasn't bothering us though! :D

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