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Official Closed Event [May 17, 2015] MAY CUP #4 -- GT500 & GT3 (gurizzi)

Discussion in 'GT3 Club Official Events' started by gurizzi, May 12, 2015.

You can not signup for this event...

This event has already begun, or has already passed; RSVP has been since closed.
MAY CUP #4 -- GT500 & GT3
Signups: 13
Posted By : gurizzi
Start: May 17, 2015 11:00 AM
End: May 17, 2015 12:00 PM
Time Zone: America/Los_Angeles -07:00 PDT
The following Races have signed up "No":
  1. gurizzi

    GT3 Club GT3 Club Admin

    - Negative.

    - You must have checked an old post? plz view the latest 'open constructers' post and see the date/time. RP signed-up a day or 2 b4 u.

  2. Constructr

    GT3 Club

    No prob
    gurizzi likes this.
  3. Constructr

    GT3 Club

    Hope PSN gets their act together before race time!!
  4. xX-BOOJI-Xx

    GT3 Club

    What are you talking about? PSN down?
  5. Constructr

    GT3 Club

    It's down on east coast.
  6. gurizzi

    GT3 Club GT3 Club Admin

    - thats not good, still have about 2hrs. I'm sure it will b ok by race time.
  7. thermite_917

    GT3 Club Admin

    Uh oh it's out for me too. Yeah still some time to get it sorted out.
  8. Constructr

    GT3 Club


    "UPDATE: DDOS group Lizard Squad have claimed to be the cause of the latest PSN outages, taking credit on Twitter around the same time reports started coming in of the service going offline.

    An account apparently connected with the group tweeted: "We're back.

    "How you guys been? I'm sure you missed us just as much."
  9. Constructr

    GT3 Club

    Interesting, I disabled Media Server Connection and was able to sign on. Opened a practice session.
  10. Fred_dude

    GT3 Club

    Brr has one aswell xD
  11. xX-BOOJI-Xx

    GT3 Club

    I'm not having PSN issues at all, although that could change tomorrow.
  12. thermite_917

    GT3 Club Admin

    I'm good now. On my way
  13. gurizzi

    GT3 Club GT3 Club Admin


    Attached Files:

  14. xX-BOOJI-Xx

    GT3 Club


    GT3 Club yet pulled another good one and very wild and epic one today at Motegi! I did not do too good today, just like last week at Spielberg. Let's see what went down in both qualifying and the race!


    Qualifying was calm and smooth, but poor @Constructr quit before he could get a lap in. He said that the a**holes of Lizard Squad DDoSed PSN again, although that was 2 days ago, and 2 days ago I never had a problem. Never know what those little bastards are up to. I qualified 7th with a best lap of 1:49.145, and Honda teammate @gurizzi qualified 5th with a best lap of 1:48.965.

    The Race:

    Ok, two words: epic, and disaster. The race was a very wild start, with people going trying to get the best start they could! I was having some lag (THANKS MOM FOR USING THAT HULU PLUS!), so idk what I was gonna do. After turns 1 and 2, there was a disaster at turns 3 and 4. Me and 2 others crashed, including @Solid Snake, who sadly DNF'ed, so we had to pit. A bit After I had a wreck and it broke my wheel, but me being an idiot decided to try and go as far as I could with them until the 30 minute mark! Then I had an error crash with my teasing mate @Flash_Noddy, broke his back end. Sorry bud! :(
    Then me and @thermite_917 had a bit of an error. I hit him by accident, but since the GT6 hit system is absolutely horrible!!!!, it gave me a 10 sec. ramming penalty! Thanks a lot, GT6!!! :mad:
    Oh yes, the rain. The rain, was an absolute pain in the ass. It went from 0% to 100%! It was like that hurricane (typhoon) that hit Suzuka last year during the F1 Japanese Grand Prix! Poor me was having a hard time, and everyone thought me in the rain was very funny! A fly marrying a bumblebee? I'D TOLD YOU I'D SHOOT, BUT YOU DIDN'T BELIEVE ME! WHY DIDN'T YOU BELIEVE ME?!?! (Ren & Stimpy Happy Happy Joy Joy) Then me and Honda teammate @gurizzi had a bit of a tango in the rain, trying to keep from hitting each other! Yeah, 100% rain was a big pain in the ass, but I kept on going.
    I was able to finish the race, but in 11th place out of 14, which was not that good, but better than finishing near the back like last week at Spielberg.

    Great racing from everyone and good job @Fred_dude at winning today! Hope to see everyone next week at Daytona, my favorite track! Maybe then if it does rain like it did today I'll be better at tangoing! :):p
    BLADErunner80 and gurizzi like this.
  15. thermite_917

    GT3 Club Admin

    With the way I heard you were driving, that penalty was called for ;)

    I'll keep my report short and sweet this week. My race went better than expected! Didn't do much practice this week so I was a little unprepared, but I did the best I could. Had a close call early with Flash and later with Predator. Both got me in my left or right rear after trying to out-brake me into a turn (or just misjudging), but luckily no damage for me either time. I had issues with visibility during dusk and morning and it cost me some time, but in the end, I did pretty well when I could see the track even if it was just a little bit. Congrats Blade and Fred! See y'all at Daytona!
  16. xX-BOOJI-Xx

    GT3 Club

    Well I knew that I was at the wheel, lol! :p I know I made the error, but GT6 failed to recognize it as a small hit instead of ramming! :rolleyes:
  17. Constructr

    GT3 Club

    Travis, I know you're only 13 but, grow up a little. OK?
    thermite_917 likes this.
  18. gurizzi

    GT3 Club GT3 Club Admin

    THANKS TO ALL who participated in this GT3 Club event!

    Great drive: BLADErunner80 & Fred_dude

    - I went with the 1 shot Q session strategy and it didn't go well 4 me. I had a bad lap, meaning I put all 4 tires off track at one point. :oops:.

    - Race start was good! I was able to get past the GT3 car I didn't out qualify quickly. I then made a mistake on the downhill under braking. I accidently got on the rumble strip and didn't mean to, this made me loose control on corner entry, I went onto the grass to get out of the way of the GT3, also serving a +3sec. penalty. :oops::oops::oops::oops::oops::oops:. After all that comedy, I finally figured out how to point it straight and proceeded to work my way back up through the pack, re-gaining 2nd place in class and o/a by the end of my first stint!

    - Once the rain started to fall, I had a chance to pit, the surface water was 20% so I decided to go 1 more lap...MISTAKE! the rain REALLY started to dump! and b4 I knew it it was +50% and going up fast! I was caught out and had to work my way to the pits while car was driving like it had 4 flats! :eek::eek::eek:. Finally I made it to the pits, I put W tires on and headed back out. Surface water was at 100% at this point. I was able to pass brr back, getting back into 2nd in class and 3rd o/a. After a while of driving in that 100% surface water I got some mental fatigue and just couldn't keep my pace up. brr did a great job and passed me back! I finished 3rd in class and it was well earned! @BLADErunner80 put on an absolute clinic in extreme wet conditions! Driving away from the pack and finishing 1st o/a beating all the GT500's!!! GREAT DRIVE!
  19. BLADErunner80

    GT3 Club GT3 Club Admin

    Qualifying: GT3 Pole (3rd overall)
    Did my best lap of the race weekend with a 1.47.7 just two tenths off brr in second and comfortably ahead of the other GT500 runners by a second, i was slightly held up by constructor as i went for a follow up lap until sadly his engine went bang in a big way (disconnect), and with no time left before the race he had to sit this one out.

    Race: GT3 1st (1st overall)
    Despite a decent start on RM tyre's i lose two places before turn 4, but only to the GT500 class cars of flash and gurizzi. Further around lap one gurizzi challenges flash at turn 9 and there both slow on exit and now side by side heading to turn 10 the hairpin curve, i tuck in behind flash who has the inside line and i'm able to get myself alongside gurizzi on exiting the hairpin, with less aero on my SLS i'm a little faster in a straight line and was ahead halfway down the downhill straight, and able to choose my line into 11, and it was here where gurizzi made an error unseen by me that saw him fall down the leaderboard.

    I was able to keep flash close for the first handful of laps, even challenging for 3rd overall at one point, but with his superior grip in the corners it wasn't long before i gradually fell back as tyre deg started to take affect causing my times to drop off, gurizzi coming back thru the pack after his off re-passes me.

    who had been 2nd in GT3 class since the start and now around 6 seconds back pits early around the 15 min mark, and with 40 mins remaining i make my first stop, with rain a possibility i stick with the faster RM tyre's and top up my tank with 70 litres of race fuel.

    Halfway thru this stint at the 30 minute mark as many of the GT500 runners make there one and only planned stop, i move up into 3rd overall as the rain arrives, it's just a light shower so no need to react yet. 5 mins later as i enter turn 9 the heavens open and within a few turns the track changes drastically, i gently sail the car towards the pits and with 25 mins left of the race i put on Wets and fill my tank to the top.

    and gurizzi have stayed out on track, and seem caught out by just how quickly the conditions have changed, halfway round my first lap on wets i pass a struggling gurizzi, then as the lap ends i pass Fred as he makes his stop, and now i'm not only in the lead of GT3, but leading the race overall.

    When Fred leaves the pits i have around a 19 second lead, which over the remaining 20 minutes of the race i'm able to stretch out to over 40 seconds.

    My first win of this cup, and some much needed points. Congrats to Fred for your class win, and to everyone who got thru a particularly tricky race.

    After my wet win at Silverstone and now Motegi i'm now off to do my rain dance for Daytona! :D
    xX-BOOJI-Xx and gurizzi like this.
  20. xX-BOOJI-Xx

    GT3 Club

    Just so that EVERYONE knows, I'm starting practice early! :D
    To be specific on what kind of practice, rain practice! :D
    From 60% like at Silverstone (my best race) to 100% like at Motegi yesterday. Taking it steady in the 100% rain, then with 60% I was on the pace like I was at Silverstone! ;)

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