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Official Closed Event [Oct 14, 2018] The assets corsa BMW race car event (scenga77744)

Discussion in 'GBRC Current Season Official Events' started by carlos77744, Sep 8, 2017.

You can not signup for this event...

This event has already begun, or has already passed; RSVP has been since closed.
The assets corsa BMW race car event
Signups: 0
Posted By : carlos77744
Start: Oct 14, 2018 08:00 PM
End: Oct 14, 2018 11:00 PM
Time Zone: Europe/London +01:00 BST
  1. carlos77744

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    With its impressive performance figures, the BMW M235i Racing - a production-based coupé - meets all the basic requirements of a successful entry-level racing car. The car is used in series and events such as the VLN ...
    Engine‎: ‎six-cylinder in-line

    Max. track width‎: ‎1,608 mm

    Height‎: ‎1,380 mm (without antenna)

    Wheelbase‎: ‎2,691 mm

    Ok so we have a run in to get get sport and I intend to get 1 event out of assets corsa Using the BMW there is no dlc needed it's a production race car it will need some form off tuning I and other members will share some set ups short to medium tracks to be used with a simple tune the car is predictable .
    The champonship will be open so join at your leasure and time .
    Start date Sunday the 17th September the 10th September set up night testing

    Tracks to be used

    Week 1. Silverstone National
    Week 2. Nurburgring short version
    Week3. Vallunga short version
    Week 4 black cat county shortest version
    3 races per night with 10 minute qualifying per race.
    Racing will be 25 minutes long
    The winner from each race does not take part in qualifying .
    Points awarded
    Fastest lap of the night 1 point
    10 points for the win
    9 for second
    8 for 3rd
    7 for 4th
    6 for 5th
    5for 6th
    4 for 7th
    3 for 8th
    2 for 9th
    1 for 10th

    For a better event can all racers use a wheel or pad configuration that enables side view the g29 configuration allows this and can be used with any wheel it allow for closer racining
    The room name will be www.gtarena and password set to gbrc
    Feel free to join us on a Sunday night as we find the fastest BMW racer and feel free to comment below cheers Carlos. Aka scenga77744

    Championship table
    Fido 10+ 8+10 =. 80 fastest lap 1 point 1st
    Coke 7+ 6+ 8=. 62

    Scenga 9+ 10+9 68 3rd
    Motörhead 13
    Nivlac Tark 5+0+0 58
    Jllkingkong 5+ 5+6 43
    Zebaldus 8+ 9+5 52
    Batittos 6+ 7+7 70 2nd
    #1 carlos77744, Sep 8, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2017
  2. Fido996

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Definitely up for some of this now the cycling has finished!
  3. Zebaldus

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    What a great evening, thx all for always clean racing and fun chatting and Carl for hosting :)
    Looking forward to sundays race.:p
    cokebloke and Fido996 like this.
  4. Motorhead_51

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Great pick Carl!

    Not sure if I can make all the races as Fall baseball has started up once more. I will make all that I can though.

    Looking forward to this!

  5. mightylieven

    Club GBRC

    its always great to be in a lobby with you guys. pity the lobby was public and fucked by the losers who think it s fun ruining other once races... thanks for letting me join!
    cokebloke and Zebaldus like this.
  6. cokebloke

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Come back soon Kevin.......
  7. Petosh

    Club GBRC

    Hello. This sounds like fun. I haven't raced with gtarena guys since 2013 when i sold my setup but i have a new one now.
    I think this lobby should be protected with password which could be posted in this thread.
    My psn is "batiittos"
    Motorhead_51, cokebloke and Fido996 like this.
  8. Jjkingkongjj

    Club GBRC

    Be good if you join us.
    Password is noted above, gbrc
  9. cokebloke

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Thanks Carl for putting this event together and have to say what fun it was with some really close racing.
    Race one Steve and batiittos were well up in front with I think myself in third but for what ever reason batiittos pulled off allowing all of us to move up one spot but good racing.
    Race two was a bit lonely having been nudged off ended up trying to catch Carl but we were equal on lap times so no chance there.
    Race three need up with with one of the best races Ive had in ages between Carl and me, the last three laps were just mental I think we did one complete lap side by side its not often I smile as I'm racing but certainly did for the final laps well done Carl you just got in front on the finish line but we were side by side nothing in it at all.
    Good to see a new driver with us batiittos even if I did chew your ears welcome aboard and sorry for that.
    Sorry Kev Carl mentioned we made contact at the start had I realised I would have stopped we've raced together long enough you know I like to keep it clean and correct so sorry again.

    Well done to Steve who was always at the front pretty much can't wait for next week,
  10. carlos77744

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    leader board in the top ace racing lads the top 3 had the edge on every one else some close racing with out a
    Many offs this is going to be close.
  11. carlos77744

    Club GBRC Senior Member

  12. Petosh

    Club GBRC

    Yeah i didn't get to practice much for the first event so as you might guess i ran out of fuel in the last lap of race one. Very fast drivers in the top 3. So fast that overtaking will not be easy.
    As a tip i would say that you should change gear up immediately when the rev lights start to blink. The car has insane torque so don't be afraid of low -ish rpms.
    Looking forward to even closer racing next sunday. Cheers all.
  13. Motorhead_51

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Great night Carl! Thanks for hosting.

    Been awhile since I have run with guys. The few times I did get on in my absence, was against the AI. It doesn't take long to figure out where they are weak. The fact that they all seem to react the same multiplies the easy factor. Then I waltz into the club lobby and find myself astonished how hard and focused my drive has to be just to trail you all

    A big WELLDONE to you all for being so competitive. Sadly going to miss next week but will try to practice on my A game for Vallunga.

    No worries about the contact in race three Nigel. I know you drive with the utmost respect and a little door to door never hurt. Otherwise the radiator would be out front instead of the bumper, right? I nipped the curb as well when we made contact and I believe this upset my car mostly. My apologies for the contact in race two. I just touched you as you were picking up the throttle..... Looking in the rear view I saw that it involved kingkong and Paul. I pulled off to the left and let you all go. Sorry fellas

    Damn good to finally get back on track with you, Calvin. It has been a very long time and happy to see you there. Nice to meet you Petosh. Welcome back to GBRC!
    Jjkingkongjj and cokebloke like this.
  14. Zebaldus

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Thx all for good clean racing as always but boy was I slow. No speed in the car, never under 1.3 =(
    There was no way I could keep up with you at all. So its back to normal again...
    cokebloke likes this.
  15. cokebloke

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    You are normally quick Paul but we all sometimes get a car/track combo that just dosnt work for us you'll be back at the pointed end soon.......
  16. Zebaldus

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    So true =)
  17. Fido996

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    That was intense racing last night, my arms still ache this morning!

    The first race I got a good start and managed to open a small gap to Calvin , who had just snatched second spot. This increased a bit as he later span off, leaving Batiittos with a chase. He then started to reel me bit by bit until, on the last lap, he was right on my tail and poised to make the move. Then, he just disappeared from view!

    The second race had me starting from the back. Got past Paul at the start (just), Steve on the next lap and the Kev and Nigel on the lap after. By this time Carl, Batii & Calvin were a couple of seconds up the road. I thought I could maybe catch Carl but the only hope I had with the other two was if they were to start battling. My plan was to try to tag onto the back, try to stay with them and hope to profit from any mistakes. Well, I spent the rest of the race just trying to get close enough to tag on their backs!

    Third race I was lucky enough to start from pole, got away reasonably well, but after the first few corners I realised the car felt different. There didn't appear to be as much grip for whatever reason. After a couple of laps Batii got better drive out of the last corner and held the line to the first corner to take the top spot which he kept to the end. Once I realised that a fight back wasn't going to happen I settled into TT mode and just concentrated on consistent times. It kind of worked. Calvin was catching at a rate of knots and I was becoming concerned that I would slip into third. Then he pulled out that 1:01.7! Panic mode almost set in. My times went all over the place after that. I was mostly around 1:02.3-5 for most of this race ( slower than the previous two ) and it wasn't until the second to last lap that I finally managed to pull out a 1:01.9. I think this may have caused Calvin to push too hard as the gap opened up massively to relieve the pressure for a safe second spot.

    Great racing from everyone last night, and how close were some of those lap times?:eek:

    Calvin, are you still on the pad or are you on a wheel now? Either way, still damn quick. And Batii, don't practice too much will ya!:D

    Great stuff Carl, another gem. Many thanks.

    Cheers for reading fellas!
  18. Jjkingkongjj

    Club GBRC

    Thank you Carl for the series last night. Great racing albeit I was at the back. Zeb, we had a good battle for quite a few laps there is not much in it really, one second over a whole lap is not more than a blink or two of the eye.
    Looking forward to next week. Good to see Batii on the track even if he is in the premier division of racing drivers, Fido needs a challenge, well done.
  19. Calvin_P93

    Club GBRC

    Hi gents, how is everyone? Big thanks to Carl for hosting this event had some great racing and fun on Sunday gone. Its great to be back doing some sim racing, a few months ago i bit the bullet and bought a PS4 and Fanatec Csl elite wheel and pedal set in anticipation for GT sport. The change over to the wheel has been so much more difficult than i thought it would be, its taking a good bit of getting used to still not quite upto speed with it constantly spinning off or out braking myself, dont get me wrong im super impressed with the wheel/ quality/ feel and usability but i think it just requires another level of smoothness.

    I couldn't match Steve or Batiis pace in any of the races last Sunday, these Bmw's make for some great close racing, super choice Carl! i was very surprised to nab the fastest lap in the last race really did not expect it but i realized that changing up certainly helps as Batii said theres so much torque.

    Ill be on tonight for a spot of testing around 8.00, cant be letting Steve and Batii get away this Sunday ;)

    well done to to Steve and Batii for their wins and thanks again to Carl for hosting and picking a great car and tracks!
  20. carlos77744

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Champonship table updated lads Its very tight at the top the 3 Quick lads head the feild some good racing for me the hardest track I'm never that quick there and after a few laps seem to loose my rythem but still some epic racing to be had with all places being hard fought for
    Must say in typical GBRC style some other racers have been up to under hand tactics In the last race Nigel Aka coke bloke informed us he raced NAKED this totally put me off when I attempted a over take .
    Still we move on to the last 2 races on tight tracks overtaking will be premium pole may win it .
    Cheers lads for joining I'm of to ponder .
    Fido996, Zebaldus and cokebloke like this.

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