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Please Read Posting Events Testing

Discussion in 'Casual Race Events/Racing/Testing' started by PAPPACLART, May 26, 2014.




    Hey Gents

    For now I have added an events posting addon which is combined with a calendar.

    If you would like to post an event, please do so by clicking "Post New Event". This can be done on a forum where posting an event is possible, or directly from the calendar. If you are posting an event from the calendar you will need to select the forum where you want the event thread to be automatically created

    Once you click the button to post new event, please treat it as if you was posting a thread, so add a banner if you wish, and all of the info regarding the event. Unlike posting a usual thread, you will see some options to add dates and times, and to reoccur the event, should it be a weekly event etc (YOU MUST TIC POST NEW THREAD BUTTON)

    You can enable an RSVP - which is basically a tick box for members to signup. there is a "yes", a "no" and a "Maybe" In the future I will try to edit those options to something more fitting but I do not know how to do it right at this moment.

    While you are creating your event you will not see the option to select a prefix "Casual Event Open, or Casual Event Closed. AN Adminvwill need to edit your event after and select the prefix that is relevant. When your event is finished ask an Admin to close it also.

    (I will work on making it possible for members to do this themselves)

    At the moment, there are 3 forums where events can be posted. This forum, the GBRC official events forum, and Vs (I think) For now all events will go to a moderated Q to be authroised by an Admin. (Admin need to test this feature)

    This add on works quite well, but has problems displaying on small devices. If you are using a phone, try to look at the calendar only in weekly view. Also the signup options at the top of the thread display funny too on a small device, so view in landscape mode instead of portrait if you are on a phone.

    I will let you guys play with the events. If you want to post test events please do, Admin can delete after.

    I will update this post accordingly, once you guys get familiar with the addon.

    If any of you have problems with permissions, or can't see/post and event let me know.

    Any questions pop below

    #1 PAPPACLART, May 26, 2014
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2014
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    So you guys know, If you add a banner to your event the image will be used and displayed in the thread listing. This can look nice, and make your event stand out among others. Not all of us are adept at making banners, so you can use google to find a GT6 image relating to your event , copy and paste it in your post. The software will use the 1st image in the post and display just like Bnic's "Italian Job" thread below.

    If you do not provide a banner/image then the software will use your Avatar instead.

    See below examlpe
  3. Clay.GT1372

    Club ALV

    ah legend, awesome little feature :) wd bud


    I was trying to figure out where the comment went after I made my comment but just realized that if you put your mouse pointer over the members that have signed up for the event it will show the comment. Pretty neat. :)

    Also, for reoccurring events, like typical weekly events, I think you have to sign up for each race. I will have to test this though.
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    We now have an Events Master Forums. All events from any forum an event is posted in will appear in this forum for quick access HERE

    Club GBRC

    If anyone wants to make a banner quite easily, try " Pic monkey " it's a free Google app and use it for all mine, if you struggle with it search on Youtube there's loads of tutorials.

    It has templates for Youtube banners and facebook banners as there specific sizes.

    Nice Job Ryan :)
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