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GBRC News Q3 Season Review

Discussion in 'GBRC News' started by bnic11, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. bnic11

    Aministrator Club GBRC

    The GBRC Q3 Season has now finished so here's a quick review of how it went......

    The Q3 Qualifier
    The Qualifier started way back on the 4th Jan with a break from tradition with an Online TT held over 3 separate nights. This proved to be very popular and incredibly closely fought TT.

    Numbnuts made an impressive comeback to take the title with the fastest Q time ;

    1st - Numbnuts = 1.15.669
    2nd - Oldnail = 1.15.693
    3rd – Jim = 1.15.834

    Q3 Official Championships Review :

    The Season kicked off with my Lotus Elise Race Car Series, which was a very entertaining car producing some great racing. Numbnuts continued his dominant form to win the Championships, followed by Scenga in 2nd, and defending overall Champion, Clay in 3rd.

    Next was Jimantonic's Multi Class Challenge, which added a new aspect to GBRC racing with different class cars on track at the same time. Jim had obviously not been informed of the un-written rule that organisers should not win their own series & consequently stormed to an overall win in this series, followed by Numbnuts & Jamiegem.

    Scenga's S2000 series was next, providing good, close racing with some tuning knowledge required as well. Numbnuts was a run away winner, followed by Cokebloke & Fido.

    It was then Rams turn to run the Abarth Cup series based on EJD's great idea of running a Championship on actual real life racing rules. Again, this produced some cracking racing, with some weather thrown in as well. EJD managed to win his first well deserved GBRC Championship, followed by Jim & Rams.

    Our final series was the traditional end of season KOTR, this time organised by Fido. After the usual hectic 4 weeks of racing, Cokebloke emerged the KOTR Champion, pipping Fido in the last race to win his first, long overdue GBRC series. Bnic11 was third.

    GBRC Q3 Overall Champion :

    After adding up the points for the entire Q3 Season, I'm delighted to announce that our Overall Q3 Champion is COKEBLOKE.

    Nigel now has the privilege of using the Race number 1 if he so wishes for the next Q4 Season

    Well done to Nigel for a consistent, faultless racing season, and for being a thoroughly decent gent, especially considering his family situation at the moment. All GBRC's best wishes go to Nigel's family & we hope Scott makes a speedy recovery.

    Overall Championship Points Table ;

    1. Cokebloke = 750
    2. Fido = 673
    3. Numbnuts = 662
    4. Motorhead = 602
    5. Jim = 561
    6. VagueGT = 515
    7, Zeb = 506
    8. Rams = 475
    9. Jamie = 452
    10. Scenga = 441
    11. bnic11 = 413
    12. GT1372 = 392
    13. Zolon = 317
    14. EJD = 286
    15. Uwanq = 193
    16. Oldnail = 163
    17. Bibble = 147
    18. BryST = 59
    19. TwiztedZero = 31

    What happens now ?

    Traditionally GBRC will take a few weeks break before the Q4 Season starts with the Q4 Qualifier.

    Casual Racing

    As is tradition between racing seasons, any member can organise Casual Races, if you have any ideas & fancy hosting a Casual Night, there is a thread specifically for this. Typically, Thursdays / Sundays are usually the most popular nights for this.


    Many thanks to all the help GBRC organisers & members alike – this club would not exist without you !

    While it is slightly concerning that the number of members has tailed off in the last KOTR series, we will continue with another full racing season in Q4.

    Hopefully, new ideas & car variants will keep the racing fresh & exciting.

    The Future ?

    We have about 7 members who now are actively racing Project Cars on the PS4. While Pcars is lacking in certain online features, there is a growing consensus that it provides a much better feel & is more of a 'racing' game than GT6.

    GBRC will be running Casual Races in PCars & providing regular feedback / reviews, so please keep an eye on the thread.

    Once we get the update patch that will fix a few bugs, such as wheel settings, we should have a better idea of how we can progress.

    Here's an exclusive photo of the Project Cars development Team who are working on the wheel calibrations below :

    Cheers, Bruce
  2. cokebloke

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Thanks for the kind words Bruce and must say how surprised and so so pleased on winning both the K.O.T.R and the Q3 season never thought I'd see the day.
    Always a pleasure racing with you all and always enjoy the banter so roll on the next season.
    Bry_St3r, Fido996, rams1de and 2 others like this.
  3. rams1de

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Nice write up Bruce and I hope that seeing so many involved in Q3, others won't be shy of pitching in some ideas for race series. The break provides an excellent opportunity to test them out with some casual races. Much like we did with Edj's Puntos.
    Bry_St3r and cokebloke like this.
  4. GT_Phill

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Enjoyed your write up Bruce, very pleased for Nigel gaining 750 points just goes to show that consistency is the key.

    Paul too up there in 7th with 506 well done mate.
    Bry_St3r and cokebloke like this.
  5. Fido996

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Great write up Bruce. I really enjoyed this season, apart from the Lotus series, just couldn't get to grips with that car at all.
    Was quite surprised to see I was in second place despite missing nearly all the Lotus series, but congratulation to Nigel for a great season. Will be good seeing him parade the number one plate for Q4 should he choose to race with it.

    Thanks to everyone that turned up each week. They make the racing and its that that makes it enjoyable. An absolute privilege being on track with you guys. :)
    cokebloke likes this.
  6. cokebloke

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Good comments Steve.
    I thought I won't use the number one as it was a bit "braggey " but I proberly will use it as it might never happen again.
  7. Zebaldus

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Thx to all of you that is holding this together, great job! Hope I will have my wheel fixed soon. Cheers =)
    #7 Zebaldus, Jun 2, 2015
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2015
    cokebloke likes this.

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