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Official Closed Event Q4 GBRC GT 86 Evolution Series

Discussion in 'GBRC Current Season Official Events' started by bnic11, Jun 14, 2013.

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  1. GT_Phill

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Circuit de La Sarthe 09

    I'll give it a go in the week Bruce and let you know if I can handle it, not that I'm any good on these fast track spa and Monza are the same, my reaction times are just to slow.

    Thanks Jim, hope all is going well at the tonics household.
  2. Jimantonic

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Very well thanks Phillip, they came home on friday afternoon and all settled in now, mini janner is feeding and sleeping well and Mrs janner is recovering well.
  3. bnic11

    Aministrator Club GBRC

    Good bit of testing online to get to know the Circuit de La Sarthe 09 track.....difference between Racing Soft & Sports Soft seem to be about 7 to 8 seconds.

    The Racing Softs wear quite fast (can do about 5 to 7 laps max) - even though the lap times tail off, they are still faster than the Sports Softs.

    Should be an interesting race on Sunday......
  4. Fido996

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Just a couple of questions, do we have to start the race on the tyres we qualified on and is there any order we have to use the tyres?

  5. RacingRoman23R

    ALV Club Admin Club ALV

    I would imagine so fido because if you back out and change tyres the lap time you put will be erased and I think if you pit and use a different set it will default back to what you picked. someone should try it and see what happens with my second theory
  6. c7mpr

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    tyre tip.

    if you have a choise of tyres for a online race and wish to start a race on a harder compound than the softest available but still want to qualify as high as youy can run the Q on the softest tyre but pit and change to your compound of choise just before the race starts, as long as you don't leave the track your tyre chise will be 'active' at race start.

    have fun.....
  7. Jimantonic

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Just to be safe I would set the car to sports soft, got to track then pit asap and change to race softs, then pit again once you are happy with your time and switch back to sports softs. But as this is such a long lap I wonder if Bnic/Race admin will allow a minute at the start for people wishing to do this to go the wrong direction on track straight out of the pits (ie. leave the pits, turn around and go back to the pit entrance) to save 2 wasted out laps?

    Either that or try out Leons method and report back on here to confirm that it works (unless Leon is certain that it works like that?)
    #167 Jimantonic, Sep 26, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2013
  8. GT_Phill

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Been experimenting with a number of clips, not linked clips before so sorry if its a bit hit and miss


    Hope you enjoy a look back at the moment, starting with Nigel and a blistering start off the line with Steve hanging onto his bumper for best part of lap one. Second clip is one of my favorites of Bruce doing the move on Derek, for me this was the top over take of the race.

    Finishing with a section of Roman, Carl and myself all lined up, in the hunt for Steve from about lap 13. To the final view from Steve's 86GT of the closing kill.

    I am try another of say 30 second clips throughout the race see how that comes out.
    #168 GT_Phill, Sep 26, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2013
  9. Jimantonic

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Good stuff Phil, I see what you mean about Bruce's overtake, great move Bruce.

    Also great move on Fido, could almost feel the pressure he must have felt from the second degna onwards!

    Maybe we should have an award at the end of each series and season for the best overtake, post up a few clips and put it down to a vote!
    #169 Jimantonic, Sep 26, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2013
  10. bnic11

    Aministrator Club GBRC

    As Leon has kindly pointed out, see below if you want to change compounds from Quali to Race ;

    Qualifying Clarification :
    If you are going to use Race Softs for Quali, but want to start the race on Sports Softs, you MUST NOT LEAVE THE TRACK / PITS & go back to settings menu etc to change them. This will wipe your quali lap times. You must pit & change tyre compounds in the pitstop & remain on track.

    Due to the long laps around LeMans, the correct way to do this within the 30mins Qualifying would be ;

    Start quali on Race Softs
    Lap 1 'out lap'
    Lap 2, 3 would be your 'fast' laps (another lap is possible, but its up to you)
    Lap 4 'in lap' - come in to the pits the end of lap 4 for Sports Soft tyres & remain on track

    If we based this on a 4.30s lap time it would take 18mins
    (My lap times are anything from 4.15s - 4.23s)

    I'm running quali from 8.00pm to 8.30pm so people have enough time for at least 2 fast quali laps if they want to change compounds.
    If your doing quali & the first race stint on Race Softs then its business as usual + you will get a few more laps in.

    @Fido - Yes you can use the tyres in any order over the three stints.

    Hope this is clear for everyone.


    (P.S. I know this way of switching compounds worked in the old GT300 champs, so we should be ok !)
    #170 bnic11, Sep 26, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2013
  11. GT_Phill

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Sorry for the late reply Jim, yeah great idea anything that gets the members involved and posting has to be good for the forum.

    Right Enduro I'm managing to cope with the light and shadows (well just about) so I'll give it a go on Sunday, after a great practice session with Carl last night, him sporting his posh Thrustmaster T500 RS, me thinks once Carl has adjusted to this wheel he's going to be hard to keep up with.

    Anyway last night I found if I focus on the car in front down the Mulsanne straight and the back straight the flickering is not to bad. We got round to testing tyres and fuel and managed to end up with a game plan, but you know what they say about best laid plans.

    I tried my tune for Suzuka last week, but found the tune for the technical track was not a match for the open full on face distorting flat out speed of Le-mans, so I've just opted for a default suspension setup and a move on the gearing. Everything else is as default and I was able to set some reasonable lap times on both sets of tyres.
  12. bnic11

    Aministrator Club GBRC

    OMG ! what a disaster that was - disconnected on the second last lap.

    Seemed to be when a non-club member joined the open lounge, I think Roman got disconnected as well.

    Started from 3rd on the grid only to get a bump up the rear at the first corner, which pushed me into Jim, who went into the gravel. Waited for Jim, then had a good battle with Coke & Jim for a few laps until I binned it. On my 2nd stint (on Sports Softs), the car felt totally weird & was sliding everywhere. Stopped again on lap 10 for Racing Softs but seemed to be miles behind everyone until Coke pitted. Only managed a few more laps then got disconnected.

    If someone could post the results for me, that would be great !

    In the first 4 rounds, we have not had a problem with connections at all, then the last two have been a nightmare !
  13. RacingRoman23R

    ALV Club Admin Club ALV

    yup got disconnect on the 2nd to last lap as well bruce. was catching phil and fido very rapidly w carlos (though not sure if I would of been able to pass them). then trying to rejoin the room it would let me kept getting disconnected. fancy going to the pub bruce? lol
  14. Jimantonic

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    The problem at the first corner was this:


    Not really Zebs fault as he said at the start he couldn't see 4 people, but it just shows the pitfalls of racing when not being able to see everyone.

    Apologies Bruce for this:


    As you can see I got slightly on the grass and braked, sending me off on a tangent.
    Like a true gent you waited but didn't need to, tried letting you know by flashing my lights and hooting.

    You may have to disqualify me anyway, as I pitted at the end of lap 4 and again at the end of lap 6, might not be enough laps on the tyres in the second stint, couldn't remember what the rulin was on that at the time.

    Well done on the win Phillip, and to Fido and Carl for 2nd and 3rd.

    Went into this having done no testing so was unaware of whatbsort of fuel loads would be needed, so on my first stop added only 8 litres, as soon as I left I knew that wouldn't work and guessed I fluffed it up by then anyway, took a gamble on 48 litres for the second stop which wasn't nearly enough, but still managed to run out of tyres before running out of fuel!

    Unlucky Bruce and Roman for the disconnects, once I saw you two go I was expecting everyone to get kicked.
    And you're not the only one to think the tyres were weird in the second stint Bruce, I was all over the place and thought to myself I don't remember these tyres being this slippery at the start of the race.

    Congrats again to Roman on the series win, and well done to Bruce for setting it all up.
  15. GT_Phill

    Club GBRC Senior Member


    Shame Bruce and Roman got disconnected, I've been looking at the video replay and there was some great side by side action all the way through the field. There was also some fantastic gamesmanship with the odd tap here and there, most of which came from the cars bouncing from one side of the track to the other.

    Jim why the hell did you not pit end of lap 12, then to my surprise you went again for another lap (13) you were almost empty then never mind trying to ring 12lts out of 2lts in the tank, mind you the tune you were playing on the gearbox was entertaining to listen to on your crawl back to the pits.

    Paul and Nigel were flying for the most part both were having a ding-dong battle from start to midway race then Pit strategy came into play, for most it was a case of I hope I've got it right. I opted to get the RS out the way early with 7 laps and best part of a tank of fuel, I was planning on a 50 second advantage at the first stop, but was hoping for more like 60 seconds, but Roman, Shay and Paul did a great job of holding me up for 3 or 4 laps.

    As it was I came into the pits 52 seconds up on 2nd place Shay with Nigel in 3rd, Shay just crossed the S/F line as I just made the exit of pit lane, Racing Softs out the way 2 stints of Sport softs to go, head down and get in some good lap times.

    Shay was now hot on my heels using RS for his second stint so holding him off was going to be hard going with SS, Shay put in 4'18 I did 4'19 and the gap was only 2.5 seconds, next lap 4'18.4 shay me 4'19.4 now the gap was 1.5 seconds. But I know Shay has been on these tyres now some laps by lap 11 so must be getting very low on wear, with me still on fresh-ish rubber.

    Lap 11 Malsanne straight Shay past me with draft before 1st chicane we changed a couple more times, thinking shay must be short on rubber by now, sure enough Shay pits end of lap 11, press onto the end now.

    Fido was closing all the time towards the end, my fuel was getting very low as a slit miss calculation on fuel last pit meant I had to conserve for the last two laps but still hold off Steve.

    Was interesting to see the pit strategies some opting to run Racing soft for the middle stint, others running Racing soft for the last stint, think I was the only one to run them on the first stint.

    Congrats to everyone in this final race I was spent by the end of 16 laps.
    #175 GT_Phill, Sep 30, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2013
  16. Jimantonic

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Glad you enjoyed my musical talents Phillip, had to entertain myself somehow!!
  17. bnic11

    Aministrator Club GBRC

    @Jim - can't view your links (they are private). Was not sure what happened when we had contact....thought you must have slid across into me. Interesting to know you had problems with tyres on the 2nd stint as well - very strange.

    @Phill - Many thanks for posting the results & well done for your win.

    Provisional Result - Final Round LeMans

    Pole - RacingRoman

    1. Phill (FL 4.11.827)
    2. Fido
    3. Carlos
    4. Cokebloke
    5. Vague
    6. Zeb
    7. Jim
    8. Roman (disconnected)
    9. Bnic (disconnected)

    Will post the final championship results later on.
    #177 bnic11, Sep 30, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2013
  18. Jimantonic

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    Oh, any ideas how I can fix that? (Youtube noob!)
  19. GT_Phill

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    If you look on your YT page you'll see About / Share / Add to tabs under your video make sure it set to public in the drop down menu.
  20. bnic11

    Aministrator Club GBRC

    GT 86 Evolution Series - Final Championship Results



    Congratulations to Roman, with a massive 243 points, well ahead of 2nd place Bnic with 188 points who just kept in fornt of Jim with 185 points.

    2nd to 6th place was only covered by 13pts, so a very close end to the series.

    I must include a special mention to Fido, who certainly raised a few eyebrows with his pace & excellent race craft. Well done Steve - 3 2nd places & 1 pole + not far off fastest laps on some races. Very impressive for one of the newer members !

    Full Championship Positions below ;
    1. Roman 243pts
    2. Bnic 188pts
    3. Jim 185pts
    4. Phill 180pts
    5. Scenga 178pts
    6. Fido 175pts
    7. Cokebloke 155pts
    8. Uwanq 123pts
    9. Vague 113pts
    10. Tommy 92pts
    11. Zeb 46pts
    12. Leon 34pts
    13. Mightylieven 25pts

    Full Championship Standings :

    Many thanks to all that took part & hope you all enjoyed yourselves !



    #180 bnic11, Sep 30, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2013
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