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Official Closed Event [Sep 7, 2014] Q2 GBRC CLubman Class C Real Circuit Tour (Entries now Closed) (Bnic11)

Discussion in 'GBRC Current Season Official Events' started by bnic11, Jul 6, 2014.

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This event has already begun, or has already passed; RSVP has been since closed.
Q2 GBRC CLubman Class C Real Circuit Tour (Entries now Closed)
Signups: 0
Start: Sep 7, 2014 08:00 PM
End: Sep 7, 2014 10:00 PM
Time Zone: Europe/London +01:00 BST
  1. cokebloke

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    "Going to try and get a little video of a moment between me and Coke, literally millimetres from disaster!!"

    Hope I did nothing wrong Jim.

    Really enjoyed last night but then I always do, In the first race the battle was close somewhere midfield between Carrie, Jamie and myself but Jamie and Carrie went slightly wide allowing me to get by for a short time but then was accidentally knocked into the kitty litter, Jamie waited, thank you, but then I had a lot of ground to make up, didn't come last which was a bonus.
    Race two was intense throughout the whole race with some good battles trying to get by Shay and Carrie both of which are fast but the best battle for me was with Jamie again lap after lap we were fighting for 1st and boy was it close until Jamie made a slight mistake allowing me to get buy.
    Now had 1st but Jim was right behind, my thoughts were bugger I won't keep Jim will soon get by but with only a couple of laps left managed to retain 1st place which is a rare event for me.
    Thanks Bruce for putting the event together and all your hard work.
  2. bnic11

    Aministrator Club GBRC

    Class C Final Round - Brands Hatch

    Pole : Fido 1.41.404

    Race 1
    1. Jimantonic (FL 1.41.180)
    2. Fido
    3. Clay
    4. Roman
    5. Rams
    6. bnic11
    7. Scenga
    8. Cokebloke
    9. Carya
    10. Vague
    11. EJD
    12. Jamie

    Race 2
    1. Cokebloke
    2. Jimantonic
    3. Scenga
    4. Roman
    5. Clay
    6. Rams
    7. Jamie
    8. bnic11
    9. Fido (FL 1.42.375)
    10. EJD
    11. Vague
    12. Carya

    Well done to Jim & Coke on their wins.

    Championship announcement will be done later today.
  3. Jimantonic

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    No Nigel you did nothing wrong in the slightest, just a very near miss indeed!
  4. Clay.GT1372

    Club ALV

    :D cheers lads delighted with my first Championship win, all the testing paid off, nearly 3000km and no less than 5 Abarth 500s.

    Enjoyed the last round, coming into it I knew the 500s would be a wee bit off the blistering pace set be Jim and Steve in testing, the lack of 6th gear really hurt it here compared to the other tracks. Quali went well and i lined up behind Steve and Jim with Roman sitting pretty (not in pink) on 4th. Steve and Jim were gonezo right from the word go, leaving me to deal with Roman who was all over me like a bad rash on a monkey, twas though goin for a few laps untill a small gap started to grow, finally some breathing room, right says I 'get the undercut in the pits on lap 10' after closing on Steve a small bit he goes in right in front of me (did ya here me cursing you lol) had a few goes at to pass after the pits but couldn't make it stick , great pace Steve and top car placement especially when pushing so hard.

    Race 2 was a cracker, had a few 'ding dongs' nice one with Jim classic stuff, took Bruce out going for the inside of turn 8, (sorry again bud my bad thaught there was more room) not sure what lap, there was so much happening, after waiting for him to re-join the pack was a few secs up the road, more hectic stuff and somehow i ended up 5th.

    Excellent series, enjoyed it start to finish.
    Thanks Bruce, large Respect and many Kudos.


    Well done Clay, and congrats on the win. Also thanks to all that took part.
  6. bnic11

    Aministrator Club GBRC

    Class C Championship Final Standings
    Congratulations to Clay on his first GBRC Championship win !




    Special mention :

    Rams certainly had his car setup well & had the pace, but luck was not on his side.

    Last but not least..........what can I say !


    Many thanks to everyone for turning up & taking part.
    Cheers, Bruce
  7. rams1de

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    I know I shouldn't bemoan my luck, everyone else takes it on the chin. But I'll accept my champion whinger trophy in good grace, especially since it's a very thoughtful red and white.

    Lovely pink hearts for Roman, his Mum will be so proud. And Carya looks very fetching in red.
  8. RacingRoman23R

    ALV Club Admin Club ALV

    Lmao! Somehow I just knew you were going to use the pink
  9. Fido996

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    A great couple of races last night, really enjoyed them as I have all this series. Its such a tight and competitive class, it makes for some great racing where yo have to plan a little more ahead to make your move.

    None was more surprised than me to get pole for this meeting. I thought Jim was a nailed on certainty for this after seeing his pace last week, but after a week testing the GT300s, I guess we all took a little time to find the groove. It took me a while to realise these cars didn't actually go where pointed on the turn in!

    Race one and I got a good start and managed to keep my position for the first couple of corners without worrying too much about what was going on behind me. This allowed me to concentrate on my lines and gear changes. It wasn't long, however, before Jim had closed what little gap I'd made and was starting to apply the pressure. This worked for Jim after a couple of laps and I made my customary 'race mistake' and got the near side rear wheel on the grass coming out of the last corner. This sent me from one side of the track to the other and allowed Jim an easy pass. So, I got my head down and started to chase. It was at about this time I suddenly remembered I hadn't done anything towards sorting a pit strategy, I hadn't even driven into the pits! So I went through a few ideas as I was chasing Jim and decided to go in early in the hope of passing during the stops with the thinking that if i did get back in front then I would much rather defend than try to overtake later in the race ( provided I was close enough of course ). I didn't help myself by clouting the barrier on the way in though plus I was under severe pressure from Clay by now who'd pitted at the same time.

    Out we all went and by this time I realised that I'd made a mistake and pitted too early. I caught up with Vague on my out lap and was now trying to find a way past him. In the mean time Jim had pitted and came out in front of Vague. This, coupled with the fact I had Clay right up my chuff who I was trying to defend from, allowed him to get away.

    Race two and I knew it would be incredibly difficult to make any head way through the field. My plan was to sit back and pick off places where I could. By this stage in a series we've all got a lot of racing miles under our belts and everyone is well aware of what their cars can and can't do. So this made for a closely packed field throughout the race. Then, just as I started to push a bit harder towards the end, I went for a gap on the inside of turn one and made contact with Vague sending him off into the gravel. I was absolutely gutted to have ruined his race and was annoyed with myself for causing the accident. So, Vague, I can't apologise enough for ruining your race. I'm really very sorry and deserve any penalty / warning for it. No excuse, just bad driving on my part.

    As for my mums Mazda, that'll sit in the corner of my garage until needed again. I kind of stumbled on the car to be honest. After missing the first couple of meetings through one reason or another and guessing most would go for the Fiat after the MX-5 got its marching orders, I went for a look round to see what I could find that was a bit different. I found this and a couple of others. I very nearly didn't go with it to start with as I wanted a six speed box. As it turns out, having a gear less actually helped. Especially at the start.

    So, congratulations to Clay on taking the Championship and to all the trophy winners at the end and thanks to Bruce for all the hard work in setting up and hosting another great event. Very much appreciated!

    Cheers and thanks for reading. ;)
  10. RacingRoman23R

    ALV Club Admin Club ALV

    I have to give you an Honorable mention steve if anything. If you hadn't missed the first two races I think it would of been very very close up top the standings. You have that mazda sorted and it is fast!
    Fido996 likes this.
  11. JamienGem

    Club GBRC

    Thanks Bruce great series! Not really what I'm used to though, trying to stop people from getting past for half an hour at a time is bloody hard work, very satisfying when I managed a podium though. Any chance we can have a re-think for class C so it's not just front drive only, maybe raising the BHP and minimum weight slightly would help?
  12. bnic11

    Aministrator Club GBRC

    Cheers Jamie.........the regs will always evolve, so long as we have a simple restriction (bhp/kg) across the whole field then thats ok.

    I had been thinking of perhaps a PP limit as well. Some cars were ranging from 416 to 426 PP, maybe capping the PP.

    Look how Class B has changed from Integras walking over everything, to now a more open field which seems to favour RWDs
  13. rams1de

    Club GBRC Senior Member

    I thought Jamie did great trying to hold people off. You simply had a slow car mate. I tried it out at Brands last week when I joined you and couldn't get it under 1:43 iirc in about 15 laps, maybe more. Jumped in the Mini with it's RBR set up and went a second faster. That's a big handicap to anyone.
  14. RacingRoman23R

    ALV Club Admin Club ALV

    I think 197HP would make it interesting! I know for giggles I tried the Honda Civic Type R and it was a dog but the FTO would give the mini's, Fiats' and Steve's hybrid a good run ;)
  15. JamienGem

    Club GBRC

    Thanks Rams, maybe we could give mid engined cars another chance too! Dino!!
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